Tenth International Dry Dock Conference to Provide Advanced Training

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Published Jul 28, 2022 12:31 PM by DM Consulting

The tenth International Dry Dock Conferences/Advanced Training Forums is set for September 22-23, 2022 taking place in Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States. There will be opportunities for all involved in the industry to take part in discussions and share knowledge and experiences. The conference provides advance training for those in the dry dock industry. 

While the adoption of innovative technologies has permeated nearly all industries in this modern age, one industry that remains unchanged; the drydocking industry. Handling a vessel in drydocking is a large liability, and changes to methodologies pose massive risk. 

This explains why many shipyards are stuck with old technology, but modern technology and solutions are crucial for renewing the industry. New ways of thinking about old problems are desperately needed. The ship repair industry should take advantage of drydocking technological advancements that are available to stay competitive. In recent years there have been several exciting developments that show great promise to improve the speed, safety, and efficiency of drydocking. Learn what recent technology can do and how best to integrate into a shipyard.



The goal of the conference is to stimulate the transfer of drydocking knowledge and information to personnel in the drydock industry. Presentations given by various experts in the field will cover unusual and problem drydockings, new advancements with dry docks, heavy lift operations, and other topics. There will be opportunities for all attendees to take part in discussions and participate at the conference. The maritime industry cannot function without the expertise and talent of those that work within the drydocking world. Shipyards can take advantage of the technological advances that avail themselves to this industry today. In recent years there have been several exciting developments that show great promise to improve the speed, safety, reliability, and costs of the drydocking techniques. 

The conference provides a rare opportunity to distribute dry dock knowledge and information. The Conference will include prominent guest speakers with presentations providing a unique opportunity to interact with conference participants.

2022 Conference topics include (topics are subject to change):

Dry Dock Construction - Conception Through Delivery
Dry Dock Equipment
Drydocking/Undocking Accidents
Drydocking/Undocking from the Vessel Operator Perspective
Emerging Dry Dock Technologies
Floating Dry Docks - Civil/Structural Design Aspects and Applications
Heavy Lift Operations - USS Fitzgerald and USS McCain
Management of a Dry Dock Start-up
Ship Loading Issues for Drydocking
Special Drydock Access Systems 
Unique Drydocking Operations - One Vessel on Two Dry Docks
US Navy Drydocking Program
Vertical Lifts
and more

This forum seeks to engage everyone who has a stake in drydocking. We are stronger when people with different backgrounds, education, jobs, trades, and experience discuss issues and solutions facing the drydocking industry.



The targeted audience is:

•    Consultants
•    Dock Masters/Docking Officers
•    Dry Dock Crews
•    Engineers/Naval Architects
•    IACS Personnel
•    On-site Representatives
•    Port Authorities/Managements
•    Port Engineers/Marine Surveyors
•    Program/Project Mangers
•    Shipyards/Boatyards
•    Vessel Crews/Representatives/Owners
•    Others allied to this field representing product/service suppliers and others involved/interested in the dry docking of ships and vessels. 

Past participants included representatives of private organizations and government agencies from six continents. There will be areas for displays and tables for handouts/brochures. Vendors, consultants, and representatives are encouraged to bring and distribute information at the conference.

Attend the conference in person or via live stream Webinar 

The conference will be held in person, but if you unable to travel to Virginia Beach to attend, the 2022 Dry Dock Conference/Advanced Training forum is also available via live stream Webinar. With the live stream Webinar option, you will be able to remotely tune in to watch all conference presentations, ask questions, and make comments.

DM Consulting is the sponsor of this aritcle and host of the Dry Dock Conference. For conference information/registration visit https://www.drydocktraining.com/conference.html


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