Remote Maritime Training on a ‘Virtual’ Bridge is Here

VR Bridge training

Published Apr 13, 2021 2:10 PM by Kilo

Kilo Solutions Limited have developed a Virtual Reality Navigational Bridge to help train and develop mariners in Bridge Resource Management and Rules of the Road at Sea.

“Responding to the challenges of our time, the maritime sector has been seeking transformational options for training their people within experiential environments that offer scalability, portability, and affordability,” says Andy Parkin, Managing Director of Kilo. “The maritime sector is looking for tools to remotely develop and maintain critical skills and operational standards relevant to their operating environments and vessel types.”

Recognizing the unique capabilities that VR can deliver, and with the advances in affordable wireless headset technology, this permitted the development of the   Virtual Assessment System for Competent Operations (VASCO). 




VASCO is a virtual environment that permits teams to train at differing levels of complexity, appropriate to the audience need, in an immersive and collaborative environment, coordinated by the scenario facilitator, within the very latest of wireless VR Technology.

Multi-User VR is achieved via Oculus Quest headsets that do not require cables or tethering to hi-spec computers, providing freedom to interact with navigational equipment and receive feedback as you maneuver the vessel real-time. It provides the users with a realistic operating environment and genuine sense of immersion where procedures and behaviors can be developed within a completely safe environment and unrestricted by geographical location. The sense of being there is immediate.

A remote training facilitator controls and measures the exercise, resulting in costs savings by removing the need to travel, enhancing collaboration across the whole bridge team, from lookout to captain, but especially at junior officer and rating level, scaling complexity appropriate to user capabilities and attaining required competencies. 

VASCO will deliver immediate ROI whilst ensuring the bridge team is competent, compliant and confident as your organization embraces the new world of maritime training.

For more information, please visit https://www.kilo-solutions.com/vasco.

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