Clipper Bulk Names Vessel After Camden, Honoring South Jersey Ties

Norse Camden

Published Dec 11, 2023 8:31 PM by South Jersey Port Corporation

Clipper Bulk Shipping Ltd, a renowned international shipping company, honored the City of Camden, New Jersey, by naming one of its state-of-the-art vessels, the "Norse Camden," in recognition of Camden's vital role in the global supply chain. This remarkable tribute underscores the deep and enduring partnership between Clipper Bulk Shipping and the South Jersey Port Corporation, as well as the significance of Camden as the company's largest U.S. port of call.

For more than three decades, Clipper Bulk Shipping has been a steadfast partner in Camden City, importing steel from Northern Europe, with a focus on tinplate in coils, steel coils, and structural steel. This enduring relationship has not only been beneficial for trade and commerce but has also contributed to Camden's reputation as a pivotal gateway in the international maritime industry.

Camden Mayor, Vic Carstarphen expressed his enthusiasm for this symbolic gesture, stating, "We are honored to have our city's name associated with Clipper Bulk Shipping's Norse Camden vessel. This event highlights the importance of Camden in the global supply chain and reinforces our commitment to fostering strong international partnerships."

State Senator Nilsa Cruz Perez also emphasized the significance of this occasion, saying, "Clipper Bulk Shipping's decision to name a ship after Camden showcases Camden’s integral role in international trade. It reflects the commitment of our local, state, and international partners to the prosperity and economic growth of our community and state."

Clipper Bulk Shipping Ltd, a privately held company founded by Torben G. Jensen in 1972, continues to thrive under the leadership of Chairman Frank G. Jensen and Partner and Member of the Board Niels G. Jensen. Clipper Bulk Shipping is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with operational offices in Houston, Hong Kong, and Cape Town and operates a fleet of approximately 90 vessels.

Andy Saporito, Executive Director & CEO of South Jersey Ports, highlighted the significance of the Norse Camden, stating, "The Norse vessels are a remarkable addition to the international supply chain and symbolize a more modern and eco-friendly approach to shipping which aligns with our sustainability and port modernization goals. We are proud to host the Norse Camden and are excited to continue our partnership with Clipper Bulk Shipping as we embark on a new chapter in our shared maritime history."

NJ State Assemblyman Bill Moen expressed his excitement for the celebration of this milestone for Camden saying, "The Norse Camden is not only a testament to the ingenuity of maritime engineering but also a reflection of the global partnerships that drive our state's economy. It's inspiring to witness this ship's journey from its construction in Japan to its vital role in our port in Camden, New Jersey.”

The Norse Camden is the fifth vessel in a series of eco-friendly ships, constructed primarily in Japan. This series, named after main steel ports worldwide, emphasizes the connection between global trade and the dedicated ports that facilitate it.

The official berthing of the Norse Camden at Balzano Terminal in Camden came on October 22, 2023, and was celebrated at Balzano Terminal in Camden on Tuesday, October 24. This event was a significant moment in the maritime history of Camden, celebrating its rich legacy and vibrant future in the global supply chain.

"South Jersey Port Corporation has been a great business partner for us for many, many years," said Peter Svensson, senior vice president and head of Clipper Americas. He emphasized the incredible milestones achieved through this enduring partnership, "The millions of tons of steel that our ships have moved over three decades through Balzano Marine Terminal in Camden are a testament to the trust and reliability that defines our relationship. This is a great way to celebrate The Norse Camden and the tremendous growth and success we’ve made together."

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