Aquametro's Shaft Power Limitation System Solves EEXI Compliance


Published Aug 29, 2022 11:59 AM by Aquametro Oil & Marine

Shaft power measurement and shaft power limitation (SHaPoLi) an easy and cost-effective solution to meet the EEXI requirements

The EEXI, one of IMO’s short-term measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enters into force in 2023. Aquametro Oil & Marine’s SPM system is an easy and cost-effective solution to meet the EEXI requirements.  

From January 2023, the EEXI must be calculated for all ships over 400 GT built before 2013. If ships are above the specified EEXI for the corresponding ship type, measures must be taken to achieve the required EEXI. The measure currently used most frequently on the market to reduce the EEXI seems to be the ship power limitation. It is currently the simplest and most economical method, especially in view of the currently very limited availability / feasibility / profitability of alternative solutions such as the use of eFuels or biofuels. 

One of the two main types of ship power limitations is the shaft power limitation (ShaPoLi). 

The BG Verkehr (German Social Accident Insurance Institution for Commercial Transport, Postal Logistics and Telecommunication) confirms that the Aquametro Oil & Marine ShaPoLi system complies with the specifications of the IACS EEXI implementation guideline Rec. No.172 which is based on Resolution MEPC.335(76) – 2021 GUIDELINES ON THE SHAFT/ENGINE POWER LIMITATION SYSTEM TO COMPLY WITH THE EEXI REQUIREMENTS AND USE OF A POWER RESERVE.

In view of the fact that the Aquametro Oil & Marine ShaPoLi system is an integral part of the class approved Aquametro Oil & Marine SPM - Shaft Power Meter monitoring system the ShaPoLi related features here are also in accordance with MEPC.335(76).

These DNV-approved ShaPoLi-related features acc. MEPC 335 (76) (subject to case-by-case verification) include:

  • Shaft power measurement devices to measure shaft rpm, shaft torque, shaft power
  • Data processing and recording of shaft rpm, shaft torque and shaft power in unlimited mode
  • Indication of shaft power limit exceedance
  • Recording of use of a power reserve
  • Interfaces applicable for power limitation override alarm acc. IACS Rec. 172, Sec. 6.6 
    • Potential free digital output tamper proof - common alarm output
    • Potential free digital output tamper proof - to configure
    • Digital output tamper proof - to configure
    • Modbus RTU / TCP/IP (ETH)
    • NMEA protocol

For more information about the Aquametro Oil & Marine SPM system and SHaPoLi feel free to contact us at Ph: +49 381 38253000 / [email protected] or online at http://www.aquametro-oil-marine.com

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