American Vulkan's Service Team Keeps Drivetrains Running


Published Jul 19, 2021 1:33 PM by American Vulkan Corporation

Drivetrain and coupling specialist American Vulkan Corporation (AVC) holds itself to the highest standards to provide its clients with a dedicated service team of highly-trained technicians and engineers.

Over time, complex drive systems can experience changes due to normal equipment wear tear, operational profile changes or changes in the equipment foundations. For this reason, regular inspections and adjustments are recommended. Inspections can help catch potential problems early or even before they occur. Our experienced technicians and state of the art equipment can inspect your installation to ensure that the service life of our couplings and your system are maximized.

One of the ways to ensure the service life of couplings and optimized performance of a power system is by the alignment of the engine and drivetrain. We all know that alignment between prime mover (e.g., engine) and the driven equipment (e.g., gearbox, generator, pump, etc.) is extremely important, and even more so when considering equipment on resilient mounts.

The “fuse” between the connected equipment is called a flexible coupling, and its job is to protect the equipment from damaging vibrations, compensate for misalignment, and protect against torque overloads. The coupling’s health and condition are important so that it can fulfill its function in protecting and prolonging the life of equipment it is installed on.

Our highly flexible couplings are assembled and balanced at our factory and then partially disassembled for transportation.  The coupling components are then re-assembled onboard the ship. All coupling components are matched and marked after balancing, then assembled with precision dowel pins or precision fitted bolts to make sure they are installed in the correct orientation to maintain the balanced condition for maximum equipment life and minimal vibration.

After years of normal wear and tear, the coupling components (natural rubber elements and composite material bushings) need to be replaced. Because of the tight “run-out” tolerances involved for these parts, proper replacement and installation of these coupling components require specialized knowledge and experience. To make sure it is done correctly, AVC technicians bring precision equipment to the job site, guaranteeing optimal equipment performance upon completion.

Our AVC Service team is available to fully support you. Our services include:

  • Engine alignments
  • Product installation and commissioning
  • System measurement analysis and test stands
  • Coupling inspection and maintenance
  • Spare parts
  • Coupling conversion and optimization
  • Service maintenance contracts
  • In-house workshop repair
  • and much more.

To experience service at its best, feel free to contact AVC at +1 863-258-3388 or https://www.vulkan.com/en-us/holding/vulkan-companies/usa.

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