Actionable Maritime Decarbonization With Berge Bulk and Sofar Ocean

Published Jun 26, 2024 5:29 PM by Sofar Ocean

Berge Bulk CEO James Marshall joined Sofar Ocean CEO Tim Janssen for a wide-ranging conversation focused on actionable maritime decarbonization strategy.

During their dockside chat, James and Tim discussed how voyage optimization saves time, fuel, and emissions in the immediate term, while also helping to prove the ROI of longer-term decarbonization initiatives.

In the clip above, James and Tim detail why Berge Bulk prioritizes voyage optimization and why it is critical that carriers maximize weather understanding, particularly as they adopt alternative propulsion and fuels.

Berge Bulk has partnered with Sofar since 2019. Berge Bulk vessels use Sofar’s Wayfinder platform to access dynamically optimized voyage guidance powered by Sofar’s global network of ocean weather sensors and high-accuracy forecasts.

Watch James and Tim’s full conversation here.

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