Weather Closures Upgraded For Easier Fitting-In


By MarEx 2016-06-15 16:48:16

Delta "T" Systems, the global leader in marine ventilation, has made an important upgrade to its line of efficient, rugged-duty marine Weather Closures. Electric actuators are now fitted inside the box frames.

This new design not only protects the actuators from damage, it also makes the Weather Closures easier to install. They're custom manufactured to fit any size or shape opening, so they simply slide in with close tolerances for a quality fit.

Weather Closures are used anywhere on a vessel where ventilation is needed. Unlike heavy doors and hatches, they close remotely in the event of foul weather, heavy seas, extreme wind, fire or security issues. They incorporate moisture eliminators to filter and remove 97% of water and salt from the incoming air.

The result of continual research and improvement, Delta "T" Systems' Weather Closures are built for extreme offshore conditions. Constructed of marine-grade aluminum, they're available in mill finish or powder-coated, and are easily painted to match the vessel's interior.

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