Waste Disposal firm Top Glory Marine Prioritizing Sustainability

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Published Oct 7, 2022 10:02 AM by The Maritime Executive

Waste disposal firm Top Glory Marine pushing forward sustainability with the use of its Enviro Cloud Fleet allowing users to track their waste
Leading waste management company Top Glory Marine (TGM) is allowing its customers to make sustainable changes onboard with precise monitoring and analysis of their waste disposal.

Hamburg-based company TGM has a vast network of suppliers that it works with in different ports in the disposal of all types of waste onboard vessels.

It offers its customers 24/7 support and access to its Enviro Fleet Cloud, which allows companies to be able to monitor their quantities of waste that is being disposed of and make changes to improve operational performance or, more recently, make more sustainable choices.

For example, one shipping company has recently introduced measures to reduce its use of single use plastic with a hydration system after determining how much plastic it was consuming due to the use of bottled water. Using the Enviro Fleet Cloud, the company can compare the extent to which the new measure is making a difference.

Director of Business, Development and Sales at TGM, Cathrin Prikker said: “We are always looking at ways to encourage our customers to be more sustainable in terms of their waste. Our TGM-owned Enviro Fleet Cloud has been in use for a while now with companies using it to compare their waste disposal and analyse the data for their own ESG reports.”

“As many companies are making moves to be more sustainable, we are seeing them using the data to be more environmentally friendly.”

Top Glory is the only company in the market that offers shipping companies disposal solutions for all their waste needs. It has a network of more than 200 suppliers in more than 400 ports around the world to dispose of all waste from vessels of all types.

The industry has been faced with several challenges over the last few years, including Covid, navigating the varying regulations at different ports, and the more recent Chinese lockdowns.

“In the course of the Covid pandemic, the requirements and regulations in ports, especially in China, change very often, so we always make sure we are one step ahead. Our office in China always keeps us updated with the changing situation. So, if we are unable to dispose of waste at one port, we will know ahead of time so we can liaise with the vessel and arrange disposal in the next convenient port.”

Silke Fehr, Managing Director and Founder of TGM emphasizes: “We always put our customers first, so we make sure we are utilising our entire supplier network and offer our customers an alternative solution in the event of an issue.”

TGM prides itself on the transparency it offers to customers through complete tracking and documentation after disposal of any waste for a vessel. Sustainability is consistently at the forefront of its practices and it regularly promotes environmentally friendly ways to dispose of waste.

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