VSTEP Platforms to Scale Simulation-based Maritime Training

NAUTIS by VSTEP For Enhanced Simulation

Published Apr 19, 2023 11:28 AM by The Maritime Executive

Launching their newest maritime simulator NAUTIS Home in 2022 was an important step for VSTEP to expand the accessibility of professional ship simulation. Their goal is to increase the crucial role of simulation-based learning in maritime education and training. They continue to build on this mission by facilitating a Learning Platform to leverage the training capabilities of simulators. 

The rapid technological innovation in the maritime sector is driving maritime professionals and future seafarers to adapt and develop new competencies aligned with industry standards. Fabian van den Berg, Chief Executive Officer at VSTEP, says, “We envision an even more vital role for simulation-based learning in maritime education and training. It has proven itself in other industries, such as aviation, and is essential for training in a safe environment in a sustainable manner. Besides, simulation training is several times more effective than training on a real vessel at sea which fosters the learning progress.”

VSTEP already increased the availability of professional ship simulation by having released their latest maritime simulation software NAUTIS Home. NAUTIS Home runs on a PC or laptop and allows for individual training and assessment facilitating self-study opportunities for maritime professionals. “Expanding the accessibility of ship simulation increases the training opportunities for maritime professionals. This is important, since the current market with a shortage of qualified personnel demands continuous development of skills and competences,” adds Van den Berg. 

 NAUTIS Home maritime simulator for PC. Panels are movable to secondary screens. 

Increasing accessibility to high quality ship simulation is only a part of the solution. VSTEP intents for a seamless integration of learning content and simulation, whether trainees train at home, onboard or on-site. “Digitalization of education is crucial”, explains Tije Vos, Commercial Director at VSTEP. Vos continues, “Through time we have seen the importance and ongoing trend of online learning and personalized learning in a variety of industries. The maritime sector should not stay behind.” Therefore, simultaneously with the launch of NAUTIS Home, VSTEP launches their new learning management system to accommodate a variety of simulation-based learning styles.

The Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is their web-based platform that enables maritime organizations and professionals to manage their learning journeys. Organizations can connect LXP to their current on-site simulator set-up or complementary NAUTIS Home simulator to provide an accessible, flexible and integrated learning program for their professionals. This way, the current training program is scalable and allows an organization to maximize utilization of their current on-site simulator without a large additional hardware investment. Learners are not limited to instructor-led sessions and can take ownership in their learning journey by self-studying and spend more hours training with simulation complementary to their on-site simulation training. Making them fully prepared for when they are onboard. 

LXP is intelligently developed for a variation of training demands and provides the coordination of learning on three levels. From a management perspective, organization-wide performance can be tracked and used to detect learning gaps. Instructors can create and offer their own courseware and track the trainee's progress. Trainees create a learning passport, have insight into their own learning journey and can access simulation-based e-learning from home as well. “Competences development does not stop after a trainee graduated. With their personal learning passport and NAUTIS Home, maritime professionals can continue training throughout their career, providing them the opportunity to develop and train skills needed in this fast-paced sector.” explains Vos.

Scalability and improved coordination of simulation-based learning is what is in demand. STC Next – a training provider for maritime professionals with its headquarters in Rotterdam – firmly believes in the importance of simulation-based education and training and is committed to the lifelong development of professionals. With their broad range of education and training courses for shipping, offshore, transport and hazardous substances, they are the leading training and knowledge institute in the maritime sector. Their expertise and take on maritime education fuels valuable collaborative discussions with VSTEP on what the future learning landscape will look like. 

STC Next explains, “Simulation-based training contributes substantially to the learning programs due to the active and effective hands-on nature of training. Besides, it is a great way to prepare for practical training and internships.” By implementing simulation training on a larger scale, complex scenarios can be trained frequently where theory can immediately be brought into practice. This is not feasible on a real-life vessel in a safe, sustainable and cost-effective way.  With new EU directives, exams are competence oriented which stresses again why being able to train these competences in as true to life settings as possible is necessary. Cooperation between STC Next and VSTEP is essential in preparing students for their future.

Enabling learning by simulation is key in making maritime education and training future proof. Which is why VSTEP continues to innovate their product portfolio around coordination, accessibility and scalability of simulation-based learning. 
About STC Next

STC Next is the trainings institute for maritime professionals. They offer a wide range of training courses around shipping, transport, offshore and hazardous substances. With courses at their (international) locations, in-company and online, they can offer flexibility and support professionals in a lifelong learning to stay up to date with industry standards. Visit the website to learn more. 

VSTEP is a leading developer of ship simulators and virtual training software company based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. They enable marine and safety professionals to learn and train by simulation in an efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable way to work towards a safer world. With 20+ years of experience and a strong client base all over the world, VSTEP wants to enable learning by simulation on a large scale. They do this by offering a strong NAUTIS product portfolio covering the full learning and training cycle of a maritime professional. Visit the website for more information about VSTEP or NAUTIS Home. 


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