Veth Propulsion Launches the New Standard in Electric Propulsion

veth integrated l drive propulsion

By MarEx 2017-06-02 15:11:59

On May 30, during Nor Shipping in Oslo, Veth Propulsion launched a compact propulsion unit: the Veth Integrated L-drive, based on essential principles such as space, efficiency and noise reduction. The Veth Integrated L-drive is a revolutionary concept because it is the most compact electric propulsion system in the world. It can be fitted into various types of vessels, ranging from super yachts to work boats.

Very compact thruster

The PM motor was designed in collaboration with Visedo and allows for a much lower mounting height. On average, a PM motor is 40% to 60% more compact than an asynchronous motor. This PM motor is integrated into the thruster and makes a very compact thrusters, when combined with the special mounting method, the alignment of the headsets and the adjustments to the control box. The design makes use of every millimeter, without compromising quality.

The patented and innovative Veth Integrated L-drive is constructed using proven mechanical components. “The minimal mounting height allows the thruster to be fitted below deck height, so that few vulnerable capital assets are underwater,” says Erik Veth, CEO of Veth Propulsion.

Noise reduction

The Veth Integrated L-drive is diesel-electric driven, which results in huge noise reduction in the first place. The choices Veth Propulsion made for a L-drive (no gear transmission in the vessel), a water-cooled PM-motor (re the air-cooled asynchronous motor) and electrical controlling (re hydraulic controlling) guarantees even more noise reduction.

High efficiency and minimal resistance

Because an L-drive has only one gear transmission, it already results in higher efficiency. A PM motor, in particular the part load, is more efficient than an asynchronous motor. “At e.g. 25% load, there is an improvement in efficiency of 5.2%!” says Veth.

The Veth Integrated L-drive is available with nozzle or counter rotating propellers with power ranging from 300 kW to 1,325 kW. Larger units are still being developed. The patented Sharktail is used for the tail of the counter rotating propellers. Together with Promarin the tail has been further optimized and the asymmetrical shape ensures an optimal flow of water towards the second propeller. Combined with the flow caps which are affixed around the stationary parts of the thruster (fairing plates) it minimizes the resistance. “We are convinced we made the new standard in electric propulsion with the Veth Integrated L-drives,” Veth ends proudly.

All the benefits resumed

     – Compact design: extremely low mounting space requirements
     – High efficiency
     – Quiet; minimal noise production
     – Low weight
     – Built using proven Veth Propulsion technology 
     – Outstanding maneuverability thanks to the 360-degree thrust
     – Electric motor inside the ship; few vulnerable components underwater
     – Simple to install
     – Slip ring cabinet unnecessary
     – Optimal flow of water thanks to ’Shark Tail’ on counter-rotating propeller

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