Tug Training & Consultancy Acquires ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Tug Training & Consultancy

By The Maritime Executive 06-28-2018 12:00:25

Tug Training & Consultancy (TTC) has been approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance to the ISO 9001:2015 standards. The scope of the approval is applicable to providing nautical training and consultancy: TTC’s core business. Although the original approval was dated 6 April 2018, the Certificate was handed over today at the International Tug, Salvage & OSV Convention and Exhibition (ITS) in Marseille.

Continuous improvement TTC got awarded with the certificate of approval because she has proven to meet the standards of ISO 9001:2015. This means delivering high quality training sessions and nautical consultancy, making use of outstanding and experienced trainers and consultants. Besides that, TTC is dedicated to set a new standard for nautical training. TTC’s high demanding customers only want the best, so it is essential to constantly demonstrate that both products and service level provided exceed the expectations of those clients. Safety is always a priority and risk management is strongly developed. Safe towing and responsible nautical activities are key priorities of TTC.

According to the Lead Auditor, TTC has shown to have an enormous drive and ambition to be the best, and has her quality processes and procedures in place.

About Tug Training & Consultancy Tug Training & Consultancy (TTC) provides professional tug training and world-leading nautical expertise focussing on making the nautical industry safer, more reliable and more profitable for all: increasing Tug Master’s skill levels, optimising port infrastructure and enabling masters of other vessel types and pilots to get a better understanding of cooperating with tugs. (300+ captains and C/O’s have been trained so far)

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