The Most Compact Push-Pull Robotic Welding Torch


By MarEx 2016-04-27 10:07:01

Fronius has launched the world's smallest push-pull robotic welding torch, the Robacta Drive TPS/i. Thanks to its compact design and significantly enhanced mechanics, the component accessibility and TCP precision of the torch have been able to be further increased and the dynamics of the drive unit have been increased tenfold compared to the previous generation, to 33 m/s². The consistent modular structure also makes handling easier during servicing, and simplifies the storage of stock and spare parts. Thanks to these properties of the Robacta Drive TPS/i, robots can now be used to carry out even more welding tasks in a cost-effective manner.

Wels, 27 April 2016 –The optionally gas or water-cooled welding torch can, with its extra-small interference contour and reduced weight, can now also be used with robots with a load capacity of just 3 kg. Despite its small dimensions, the lightweight device has a powerful and maintenance-free three-phase step motor for smooth movement of wires at speeds of up to 25 m/min. The speed is kept constant by an integrated high-precision positional encoder. Two driven feed rollers transfer the speed to the wire electrode. When replacing the entire system, the TCP accuracy of 0.5 mm is guaranteed.

In order to further increase cost-effectiveness, the Fronius engineers have given the new torch a consistently modular design: The hosepack and drive unit in the Robacta Drive TPS/i are thus coupled via a standardized connection using a union nut. As the connection to the welding current source is also made via a quick-release lock (FSC) which includes all required media and signal cables, the hosepack can also be replaced quickly. Furthermore, due to the modular design, the same drive unit can also be used for robot types with external hosepack, as well as with hosepacks that are routed inside the robot's arm.

Even greater availability is facilitated by sophisticated details, such as the simple setting of the contact pressure, aided by a display and using a tool-free adjustment screw, or the ergonomic user interface. The latter features an impressively easy-to-read dot-matrix display and pre-assigned keys for wire feeding and the gas test, as well as a freely programmable function key.

The universal Robacta Drive TPS/i robotic welding torch thus allows users to utilize robot-aided welding in even more applications.

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