Swire Pacific Offshore Onboard with Autoload® Stability Software


By The Maritime Executive 11-14-2018 07:10:03

Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) of Vancouver, Canada, in close co-operation with their re-seller, Coastdesign Norway A/S, have recently upgraded Autoload on 77 of Swire Pacific Offshore’s (SPO) vessels. The upgraded Autoload offers full compliance with new IMO resolution MSC.415(97) for Anchor Handling and Towing Operation on Voluntary basis. The IMO requirement or amendment to the 2008 IS code will take effect on 1 January 2020. Autoload is a DNV-GL type approved 3D-based onboard stability and strength simulation system. The software covers all aspects of ship-load planning and can be fully integrated into the global information system of the Company.

"SPO’s vision is to deliver excellence in offshore marine services. The installation of the IMO compliant 3D-based Autoload stability system is aligned with our mission to deliver safe, high quality, reliable and sustainable offshore marine services. SPO had chosen the Autoload system several years ago in order to standardize the fleet with good and reliable software for the stability calculations. Throughout the years the system has proven to be user friendly and accepted with no complaints and good results by all on-board and ashore. Coastdesign is always available for support and has been very timely in response to any technical matter.”, said Dantas Martins, Fleet Technical Manager, Swire Pacific Offshore Operation Pte Ltd, Singapore.

SPO is a marine services conglomerate and a leading service provider to the offshore oil and gas industry with more than 43 years of operational experience and a network of more than 20 offices worldwide. SPO and its subsidiaries operate vessels in every major oil exploration region outside of USA. SPO also provide a wide range of marine services to the global offshore oil & gas industry including seismic survey, emergency response to oil spillage, salvage, deep-water recovery operations, seabed survey and windfarm installation.

Autoload is a robust, intuitive, user-friendly program that offers a simple-to-understand display of key hydrostatic values that are critical for safe vessel operations. Autoload frees the user to focus on critical decisions because the system takes care of all the needed calculations required for operational planning and actual operations in terms of vessel hydrostatic parameter, stability and longitudinal strength. Autoload uses a 3D model and has easy to use controls for weights, tank loads and external forces such as wind. Additional modules can be added for more specific control of cargo weights. The Bay Plan module handles containers, the Deck Plan module deals with Ro-Ro cargo and the Crane module simulates the effect of lifting dry and/or immersed cargo with single or double cranes. For every module, the stability and strength parameters are updated as cargo is moved, providing up-to-the-minute guidance on safety and compliance. Autoload can also be connected directly to the fleet’s booking system to import cargo booking and vessel scheduling data. The 3D Cargo stowage plans are easily developed using Autoload to see the stowage of cargo on deck in 3D view. Autoload also connects to the on-board tank sensor system.

ASC is a marine software developer of Autoload onboard stability and strength simulation system, customized load and stowage planning and leading edge CAD/CAM software for vessel design and construction. For over 35 years ASC has continued to provide innovative software solutions that save customers’ valuable time and money on each project they undertake.

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