SunRui Celebrates First GasLink LNG FGSS Order with Wuhu Shipyard

Image courtesy of SunRui
Image courtesy of SunRui

Published Nov 15, 2021 9:06 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: SunRui]

On November 2nd 2021, SunRui successfully held the signing ceremony of the first GasLink™ LNG FGSS order with Wuhu Shipyard. The chairman of Wuhu Ship Yard Mr. Zhao Zhang and the General Manager of SunRui Mr. Hongtian Fu attended the ceremony. The system will be installed on 12000DWT/11700m³asphalt/oil tanker of well-known Canadian ship owner McAsphalt for transferring asphalt in coastal areas of Canada. As the first order of SunRui GasLink™ FGSS, it is not only a breakthrough of company performance but also a remarkable achievement of SunRui in the global marine environmental protection field.

“FGSS as one of the core equipment on board, the technological level and service quality of FGSS supplier are very important factors for both Wuhu Shipyard and McAsphalt when making decisions.” said by Mr. Zhao Zhang who is the chairman of Wuhu Shipyard, “Through numerous technical exchanges and third-party evaluations among Wuhu Shipyard, McAsphalt, and SunRui, we are impressed about the product quality, market reputation, service capability, and advanced technology of SunRui. They have proved to us that SunRui is fully qualified for this project through their analog simulation technology and land-based FGSS test site, we are now having faith in SunRui.”

The general manager of SunRui Mr. Hongtian Fu said gratefully, “Wuhu Shipyard as a well-known dual fuel ship manufacturer with rich experiences, the trust from Wuhu brings us a great among of confidence for our future development in the FGSS field. We are expecting a pleasant cooperation on this project, and furthermore, we are also looking forward to having more cooperation opportunities in multiple fields with Wuhu in the future.”

As one of the most crucial marine equipment on board, the operation condition of the FGSS relates directly to ship running condition. However, the core technologies have been monopolized by a few companies for the past few years. Rely on strong R&D capabilities, SunRui has developed GasLink™ LNG FGSS with proprietary intellectual property rights. Till today, SunRui has formed High-Pressure, Low-Pressure, Self-Pressurized, and Outside-Pump Pressurized FGSS in order to adapt all size/type of LNG powered vessels. In addition, the company has built mature after-service network coving all major ports worldwide for SunRui clients to have the best user experiences.

Besides this contract with Wuhu shipyard, SunRui has already gained multiple intentional orders from many well-known shipyards and engaged in numerous designs of new type LNG powered vessels.

In the future, SunRui will continue to treat technology and innovation as the motivation of the company, follow strictly to national policies, industry conventions, and market demand, and devotedly make arduous efforts on global marine environment protection. 

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