Storylines Appoints Dr. Paul Read as Project Manager


Published May 26, 2020 8:30 PM by The Maritime Executive

Dr Paul Read PhD MEng has been appointed the project manager for Storylines new build projects. 

Paul is CEO of Gelen Marine Ltd and has over 25 years of experience in ship building and conversions.  He is a chartered Naval Architect and Marine Engineer with comprehensive experience in project management, engineering design and ship construction. Paul will project manage and oversee the engineering, design and construction of the Storylines new builds.

Paul has been working with Storylines for over 3 months now, working closely with the designers, classification, ship yards and engineers to assist in the timely delivery of the new build vessel, 'MV Narrative'. 

"I’m excited to be heading up this unique project with all the challenges it brings at this current time, and looking forward to seeing this fantastic ship take shape." Paul said.

Paul and his team members at Gelen Marine have worked with other cruise lines such as Carnival, Aida and Royal Caribbean, amongst others, and are currently working with Windstar Cruises on a project development.

The four key areas of focus for a new building project can be defined as below.

Clearly define the ship concept by helping identify requirements and trade constraints, while producing an easily understood design brief for potential builders. Identifying capable yards and then guiding in executing any pre-qualification processes, before helping to prepare the tender documentation.

Assists in the decision making process of choosing a shipyard. Providing tender clarifications and subsequently assessing tenders against the design brief. Supporting technical negotiations and modifications to the builder’s contract specification in order to fully meet the deliverable requirements.

Carrying out contractual duty to approve all shipyard drawings for the ship.  Check that the shipyard design meets the contract specification and all appropriate standards and statutory requirements. Furthermore, that it meets our quality, safety, operational and maintenance requirements and that potential build issues are identified.

Gelen Marine's team under the direction of Paul Read will assist in providing experienced on-site representatives for the duration of the new building, whether this is through regular site visits or a full permanent site team.  Through close cooperation, Gelen Marine helps ensure the vessel is built to contract and to good shipbuilding practice and construction quality.  Up to date information and records is provided on owner’s contractual inspections identifying defects and helping solve any subsequent construction problems.  Providing regular reports to keep fully informed of the progress of the new building through to delivery.

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