SNAME: A Sea of Opportunity


Published Apr 26, 2021 5:51 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: The Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers]

SNAME’s mission to advance the art, science and practice of the marine industry has never been more important. We are in a period of rapid change affecting not only the technologies we need to use but also the societal expectations that we need to meet. Membership in SNAME can help to provide access to the knowledge and resources that we as individuals and organizations need in adapting to these challenges. One of SNAME’s strengths is in its diversity, with a membership worldwide that encompasses a hugely varied set of skills and an equally broad range of perspectives. I encourage any of you who have not yet enjoyed the SNAME experience to join us: in a local Section meeting, through joining one of our Technical and Research Committees, or by attending a symposium or our annual Maritime Convention, this year in Providence, Rhode Island. I look forward to seeing you, on-line or in person.

-Andrew Kendrick, SNAME President

Network with more than 6,000 maritime professionals throughout the world!

  • Access the online Member Directory
  • Get connected to a professional Section in your geographic area
  • Network at Section events 

SNAME produces outstanding technical content! 

  • Receive the prestigious (mt) magazine
  • Access the Journal of Ship Research, Journal of Ship Production and Design, and Journal of Sailing Technology
  • Get involved - Author a paper or technical bulletin

Continue professional learning with SNAME!

  • Attend the SNAME Maritime Convention and get access to more than 50 technical sessions
  • Participate in monthly educational webinars
  • Get involved with the SNAME Technical & Research program to continue learning within your interest and skills groups

Get ahead in your career with leadership opportunities!

  • Participate in your local Section
  • Join one of the SNAME Committees and volunteer
  • Be nominated for one of the outstanding SNAME Awards

Join our prestigious society and show the world how much you value your career in the maritime industry!

  • Use the tools at SNAME to get your next job
  • Network with leaders in the field
  • Stay connected to peers, learning, and professional development 

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