SHIPPINGInsight, CMA Present North American Shipping Week


Published Apr 30, 2020 9:43 PM by The Maritime Executive

Carleen Lyden Walker, Chief Evolution Officer of SHIPPINGInsight, and Joe Gross, President of the Connecticut Maritime Association announced today their collaboration to produce North American Shipping Week to be held October 12-16th in Connecticut.  SHIPPINGInsight 20/20- A Vision for the Decade will open the week on October 12th, followed by CMA Shipping the afternoon of October 14th.  The events will run back to back in Connecticut and offer the maritime community the chance to attend two highly respected shipping conferences. With SHIPPINGInsight’s focus on technology and innovation, and CMA Shipping’s emphasis on the commercial aspects of shipping, the many facets of the maritime community will be addressed.

“We are pleased to announce our agreement to hold the first North American Shipping Week with SHIPPINGInsight 20/20- A Vision for the Decade leading off on Monday, October 12th at the Hyatt Regency through lunch on Wednesday October 14th” stated Carleen.   “CMA Shipping will commence at 2:00 at the Stamford Hilton (less than two miles away) and continue through Friday, culminating with the Commodore’s Dinner celebrating International Seaway’s Lois Zabrocky.”

“The health and safety of attendees is of paramount importance to the CMA and as a safe environment cannot be guaranteed in June the summer edition will not run”, stated CMA’s Joe Gross.   “The CMA's primary goal is to deliver an event which best serves the maritime community. Recognizing this, the CMA have joined forces with SHIPPINGInsight to launch the first ever North America Shipping Week in Connecticut from 12-16 October 2020.”

“What we focused on was what would be best for the industry writ large and the importance that our community be safe during this pandemic” observed Walker.  “We also discussed how our relationship-driven industry thrives on the personal connection and trust built through face-to-face interactions. Both organizations deliver quality programs that have distinct goals:  SHIPPINGInsight 20/20 focuses on technology and innovation with CMA Shipping putting the emphasis on commercial engagement.”

When the business community is ready to emerge from ‘lockdown’ – North American Shipping Week will be the fastest, most cost-effective and impactful way to engage with peers, suppliers and customers, and will be a perfect opportunity to ‘hit the ground running.' Participants will benefit from five days of networking on a larger scale than ever before. This hub of North American shipping activity will feature two great events in a week's extravaganza of networking, top content from renowned speakers and new business opportunities. 

Opportunities for North American Shipping Week packages are under discussion to facilitate the maritime industry’s ability to take advantage of this unique weeklong coupling.  

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