SENER Unveils Top-Level Dot Brand Domain on Its New Website


By MarEx 2016-06-03 15:15:38

The SENER engineering and technology group has launched a new website, under the domain www.engineeringandconstruction.sener, that provides information on the group’s main activities, news and projects in the Engineering and Construction area. Publishing all content under a top-level brand domain, in this case ‘.sener’, is an innovative solution in the digital world. It will enable the better organization and segmentation of SENER’s published online content. It will also function as a security guarantee for users, who can browse safe in the knowledge that any page with the .sener domain belongs to the SENER group.

Along with the main domain, www.engineeringandconstruction.sener, the following domains are also being activated: www.infrastructuresandtransport.sener, www.aerospace.sener, www.poweroilandgas.sener, and www.marine.sener. These correspond to the four main activity areas within Engineering and Construction. SENER has created a dynamic and attractive website, to which other top-level brand domains will be added in accordance with browsing needs, as and when they are detected.

With this initiative, a new development within the Spanish and international business worlds, SENER can share with users more meaningful content that can be adapted to meet their requirements. In fact, top-level brand domains enable search engine results to be more accurate, owing to the fact that, through the segmentation of content, these domains allow for information to be organized into categories, which makes it easier for the content to be found. In the same way, SENER has set up the top-level brand domain to guarantee that website users are in a safe environment. In this regard, the domain .sener certifies that all the information comes from SENER and that all the content is reliable and has been checked by the company. In more technical and specialized searches, its value-add is that it ensures that SENER is the only source of said information. Throughout its 60 years of operation, SENER has been recognized globally for its innovation and technological differentiation in each and every one of its projects.

The comprehensive overhaul of the website and the application of open, generic .sener extensions allow SENER to remain at the digital forefront in terms of usability, safe browsing and the possibility of finding relevant and reliable content from any device.

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