SeaMed24 Aims to Deliver High Quality Health Care to Seafarers


Published Nov 10, 2020 12:49 PM by The Maritime Executive

OCL Oceanic Catering Ltd, Marine Medical Solutions GmbH and Tritan Software Corporation, have launched a strategic co-operation for the development and provision of high-quality health care services for the maritime industry. 

The consortium in collaboration with Allianz Care, offers SeaMed24, a comprehensive Medical Advisory service for all types of vessels, from merchant to offshore, leisure and niche expedition cruises.

“SeaMed24 has been developed to provide a comprehensive range of medical services aiming to improve crew members' health care and well-being on-board through direct 24/7 access to medical expertise, while ensuring financial and operational efficiencies for ship owners. We are very excited about this new co-operation which brings together 4 leading companies, each one an expert in its field”, stated Marinos Kokkinis, General Manager of Oceanic Catering. 

From PEME management and development of on-board medical protocols, managing global regulatory health issues, providing expert advice for managing infectious diseases of public health concern, managing medical emergencies & conditions 24/7, to medical technology & telemedicine, all supported through Allianz Global Care Network of 900,000+ providers, SeaMed24 offers clients a unique turnkey solution, by providing a compelling solution and approach to the maritime industry. 

Dr. med. Jens Tülsner, CEO & Founder of Marine Medical Solutions GmbH, who together with his team of experienced physicians provide continuous oversight, medical care and support, said: “We are delighted about this collaboration and we look forward to bringing to the maritime industry a high quality comprehensive approach.”

Nedko Panayotov, Head of Strategic Partnerships of Tritan Software Corporation, commented: “We firmly believe that our value-added turnkey, optimised and high-tech solution offers complete transparency and efficiency of services. Innovation, digitization and compliance is at the core of our health platform SeaCare®, managing every aspect of medical operations.”

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