Seagull Releases Free Learning Film on Beating Coronavirus


By The Maritime Executive 04-06-2020 10:09:06

In April we have released FREE learning film "Coronavirus - How to Beat It", also NEW titles on Exhaust gas scrubbers safe operations and the Personnel basket transfer. We have also released new Pocket Guide on "CIC Stability in general". 

#2530 | Coronavirus - How to Beat It
This FREE learning film was created by Seagull and Videotel Teams and outlines the common symptoms that seafarers need to be aware of and details the key precautions that individuals onboard can take to minimise the spread of this highly contagious COVID-19 virus.

#0266 | Exhaust gas scrubbers, safe operation
This title will recap the purpose of scrubbers, and outline how open loop, closed loop and hybrid types operate. The title will prepare learners for the hazards associated with scrubber operation, and the precautions which they must take to protect themselves and others.

# 0270 / 2562 | Personnel basket transfer
The module aims to provide the underpinning knowledge necessary to ensure that effective safeguards are in place for personnel transfer operations between two sites using a crane and personnel basket. It provides guidance on how to inspect transfer baskets and ensure the correct crane is used.
#0625 | Pocket guide | CIC Stability in general 
This Pocket Guide will help you prepare for the inspection and also remind you of what you should be routinely attending to with your own ship’s stability. At the end of the module you print out a checklist that will assist you to prepare for the Stability in General CIC 2020.
#0411-0413 | Marine fuels 
These titles will help you to have an understanding of the chemistry and possible contaminants of marine fuels. Contaminated fuel can be harmful to machinery, personnel and the environment, this is why it is very important to train your crew on using contaminated fuel onboard.

#0431-0434 | Fuel oil system
It is estimated that fuel costs represent as much as 50-60% of total ship operating costs, depending on the type of ship and service. If fuel injection systems are not operated correctly, it can lead to poor combustion, increased costs and damage to the environment. It is therefore essential that those responsible for operating diesel engines have a good understanding of fuel injection systems.
#0450 #0452-0454 / #2554-2557 | RORO
These series of RORO modules covers areas such as Vehicle Deck Fire Safety, Cargo Operations Safety and Cargo Lashing, that are essential to day to day operations on RORO vessels.
#0564 | Permit to Work, Introduction
This module will show the importance of using a Permit to Work, as it is a part of working life on board ships. Permit to Work ensures that proper planning has been carried out for a given work task and that all associated risks have been properly considered, that appropriate safety control measures are in place, and that all risks are properly managed.

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