Rotterdam Implements New Tracking System

GPS Lite

By MarEx 2015-01-28 18:08:09

International Terminal Solutions (ITS) has announced the implementation of its latest version of the G-POS GPS tracking system for straddle carriers, GPS Lite. The system is implemented at APM Terminals Rotterdam, who operate over 70 straddle carriers to manage import/export, transhipment and hinterland services, and are replacing an existing legacy GPS system.

APM Terminals Rotterdam uses the COSMOS Terminal Operating System to manage their terminal operation. To ensure the new system was rolled out smoothly and provided the reliability and accuracy expected by their clients, they initially undertook extensive tests on two straddle carriers. Following the success of these tests, the system is now being rolled out through phases to the remainder of their fleet of straddle carriers.

Commenting on the implementation of G-POS GPS Lite, Wim Munier, IT Manager at APMT Rotterdam says: “We now have a platform that takes us to new levels of resilience and container location accuracy, which will help us continually improve our customer service and help position ourselves to evolve our use of COSMOS to accommodate new requirements.” 

He went on to say ITS experience in this area was key to giving us confidence and they worked closely with us to ensure we could deliver a phased approach to providing a transition between the systems.
For COSMOS users, G-POS connects to the existing Radio Data Terminal (RDT) on each straddle carrier in exactly the same way as the legacy system being replaced. It is fully compliant with the COSMOS interface specifications and even uses the same cable connections to make the system truly swap compatible. 

Richard Lambert, ITS’ Managing Director commented: “We are delighted to be working with APMT Rotterdam on this implementation. The G-POS systems have been tracking equipment and locating containers in container terminals for over a decade. This iteration of the system is an exciting leap forward as we have been able to balance accuracy, functionality and cost, to create a very economical and resilient solution for terminal operators”.  

ITS can provide a range of GPS accuracy options within the G-POS family, depending on customer needs. This can range from 2cm up to 0.7m and with various types of differential GPS (DGPS) correction methods used. G-POS also has a range of optional modules making it ideal for customers who want the flexibility to evolve the functionality from container location tracking through to using the latest job-stepping and KPI technologies.

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