Powering a Greener Maritime Future with Ammonia


Published May 30, 2024 11:15 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Anglo-Eastern]

The maritime industry has been exploring innovative solutions to combat carbon emissions, and the use of ammonia as a marine fuel has emerged as one of the promising alternatives. Notably, when ammonia is produced from renewable sources, it emits no carbon, underscoring its potential as an environmentally friendly fuel source. Moreover, the existence of a supply chain for ammonia further bolsters its feasibility. 

This drive towards sustainable alternatives is prompted by the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) strategy to curb greenhouse gas emissions from shipping, with the IMO’s target to cut total annual greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping by 50% by 2050, relative to a 2008 baseline. 

In line with this sustainability vision, Anglo-Eastern is pleased to have been appointed as the technical manager for Fortescue’s groundbreaking vessel, the Fortescue Green Pioneer. This vessel represents a leap forward, being the world’s first dual-fueled ammonia vessel to have successfully completed propulsion and manoeuvrability trials in the Port of Singapore. 

With two of her Cummins KTA 5 engines adapted for ammonia use at Seatrium Benoi Shipyard, she is navigating a path we are proud to be a part of and we look forward to aiding in her success as she sails towards a greener horizon.  

Thank you to Fortescue for entrusting us with her management.  

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