Peter Döhle & Emirates Shipping Line Partner with Nautilus Labs

Image courtesy of Nautilus
Image courtesy of Nautilus

Published Dec 19, 2021 3:26 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Nautilus]

Emirates Shipping Line and Peter Döhle have developed a partnership with Nautilus Labs, the technology firm advancing the efficiency of ocean commerce, to reduce their carbon footprint while increasing voyage profitability and operational efficiency.

Emirates Shipping Line, charterer and operator of the vessels and headquartered in Dubai, was looking for a solution that allows them to increase voyage profitability and reduce CO2 emissions. Germany-based ship owner Peter Döhle, the Technical Manager for the vessels, was looking to optimize vessel performance and to enhance open exchange and analysis of vessel data accompanying the requirements of their customers. The companies identified Nautilus Labs as their solution to improve collaboration and transparency across teams and stakeholders and to technically advance the vessels’ data collection capabilities. The partnership began in June 2021 with the goal to reduce fuel consumption and emissions while improving voyage economics.

Leveraging high-frequency sensor data, Nautilus Labs automates high-fidelity machine learning models to unpack precise vessel performance and provide a predictive decision support tool. Emirates Shipping Line and Peter Döhle implemented Nautilus’s Voyage Optimization to act on optimal dynamic operating recommendations during a voyage to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and maximize economic returns.

“For our teams at Emirates Shipping Line, it’s important to understand true vessel performance and work with a solution that delivers highly accurate models,” says Willem Bekooy, Vice President of Operations at Emirates Shipping Line. “In Nautilus, we found a provider that helps us strengthen the relationships with our partners — enabling both parties to access a centralized technology platform that allows us to monitor, track, and improve fleet performance and efficiency. By adopting a data driven partnership approach through Nautilus’s Voyage Optimization, we are working towards increased sustainability and profitability.”

Johann Diercks, Director of Shipmanagement at Peter Döhle comments: “Peter Döhle supports increased visibility across teams and stakeholders. Our masters receive operating recommendations and have access to Nautilus Platform and are able to review the vessel’s performance profile and make the best informed decisions, to optimize for fuel consumption while ensuring just on time arrival. Nautilus Platform supports us and our crews to meet the requirements of our customers to operate their vessels as cost and fuel efficient as possible and to reduce the emissions of our operated fleet. We’re looking forward to a continued partnership with Emirates Shipping Line and Nautilus Labs.” 

“At Nautilus, we strongly believe in data-driven collaboration to uncover better outcomes,” adds Matt Heider, CEO at Nautilus Labs. “We’re excited to work with Emirates Shipping Line and Peter Döhle, supporting the relationship between the two companies as the source of truth. Given upcoming regulations aimed at reducing carbon intensity it is essential for charterers, owners, and managers to work together in order to drive operational excellence and stay ahead of the competition.”

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