PALFINGER: Safety and Service at the Highest Level


Published Feb 11, 2023 4:35 PM by The Maritime Executive

PALFINGER provides its customers with comprehensive support in all areas and is constantly developing its products and service portfolio as well as training courses further. To live up to this standard, PALFINGER MARINE now covers the inspection of safety measures on cranes and hoists for offshore wind turbines with a new qualification course that is unique worldwide.

There is hardly a location where cranes are exposed to greater stresses than on offshore wind turbines. The cranes are regularly inspected in detail to ensure long-term operation as well as to guarantee the safety of on-site technicians and to prevent accidents. Together with Sachverständigenbüro Prager GmbH - experts in planning, inspecting, and appraising both underground and offshore crane systems in Germany and abroad - PALFINGER is taking its training to become qualified in testing cranes and hoists (previously known as APR, accident prevention regulations) to a new level. 

Expertise & field experience — from a single source
The new course focuses on the thorough testing in compliance with safety regulations of all cranes and hoists used in the offshore sector. As a result, PALFINGER now offers customers in the offshore wind industry the most important services for the equipment they need from a single source: in addition to regular maintenance and provision of spare parts, the package now also includes the periodic inspection of cranes and hoists.

Aside from the theoretical and legal principles — taught by Marcel Prager as a renowned crane expert in the offshore sector — the four-day course is characterized in particular by the high level of practical exercises. The crane operator's license is also included.

“You get to know the entire inspection process of the legally required periodic inspection,” explains Martin Lange, Regional Technical Manager Cranes at PALFINGER MARINE, “the course includes not only documentation but also practical testing of the crane's functionality and safety.”

Perfectly prepared for the wind season
On successful completion of the course, each participant is awarded the title “Qualified person for the inspection of cranes and hoists”, and receives their own test number. With that, they are entitled to inspect almost any lifting equipment for offshore wind turbines.

The certification is valid for two years, after which a refresher course is required. The prerequisite for attending the course is a successfully completed basic and advanced training at PALFINGER MARINE or equivalent training. In order to optimally prepare technicians for the wind season from March to October, the course takes place during the winter months.

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