PALFINGER Guarantees Highest Standards in Lifesaving Appliances


Published Sep 29, 2021 10:53 AM by The Maritime Executive


“Life is priceless” says Gunther Fleck, Vice President Sales & Service Region Marine at PALFINGER. This is why it is mandatory to take care of lifesaving appliances (LSA) in time and – more importantly – to entrust this responsibility to the right address. According to MSC.402(96), LSA aboard ships must be inspected on an annual basis and undergo a thorough inspection every five years. Needless to say, the regulation requires these annual and 5-yearly inspections to be carried out by a certified party – or, in other words, an Authorized Service Provider (ASP).

“When the next inspection of the LSA is due, it is essential you turn to an Authorized Service Provider like PALFINGER. Not only can we offer a competitive price but we also guarantee an impeccable service for PALFINGER LSA – which also covers 25+ other brands owned by PALFINGER – and LSA equipment of almost all other Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM), because the service is carried out by our experienced engineers,” Fleck points out.

Unmatched Knowledge

Five years ago, PALFINGER accquired Harding Safety, one of the world’s leading suppliers of LSA and lifecycle services for the marine and offshore industry. The company’s renowned expertise and advanced technology is now an integral part of the PALFINGER range of products and services. When it comes to knowledge and competence concerning LSA, no one matches PALFINGER – with its level of service, commitment, and dedication guaranteed by PALFINGER’s service experts.

“During the service, our experts inspect the equipment down to the smallest detail”, Gunther Fleck explains. The examination includes the material itself as well as the functionallity of the equipment. If anything does not comply with the standards as defined by the MSC or does not meet PALFINGER’s standards, it will be replaced using original parts. “Only if LSA is maintained according to the manufacturer’s highest standards, shipowners and passengers can fully rely on it”, Fleck points out.

The Best Service Available

Because the acquisition took place five years ago – the same period as one major service cycle – PALFINGER reminds all its customers as well as all former customers of Harding Safety worldwide to rely on the best service available whether it concerns LSA of PALFINGER or any other OEM. Choosing PALFINGER means focusing on safety and minimizing risk.

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