OrbitMi, Inc. Becomes a Dataloy Master Partner


Published May 10, 2021 9:12 PM by The Maritime Executive

OrbitMI, Inc., a global provider of maritime software and data solutions, has joined Dataloy Systems´ Partner Program as a Master Partner, combining Dataloy’s industry leading  voyage management platform with OrbitMI, Inc.’s suite of integrated maritime solutions.  

With technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of business, companies recognize  that they need to accelerate the development of digital solutions to ensure they remain on the competitive  vanguard. The Dataloy-OrbitMI, Inc. partnership brings together two customer-centric companies that see  the value in collaboration and delivering cutting edge solutions through web-based software. 

Orbit’s products transform data into actionable visualisations for decision-makers. It aggregates and  integrates data from vessels and existing shore-based systems, amplifies it using machine learning and  activates it through dashboards, alerts and actionable insights delivered in real-time via desktop, tablet  and smartphone. In the integration with Dataloy, Orbit ingests data from the Dataloy VMS, integrates it  with other feeds from the customer’s technology stack and applies AI/machine learning to reveal hidden  insights about weather, routes, speed, consumption, TCE, vessel schedules and more. These insights  improve organisational decision-making. 

“Orbit is a technology innovation hub that is open, extendible and intelligent,” says Ali Riaz, CEO of OrbitMI. “Our customers engage in digital dream building where they extend the core solutions and  capabilities in the hub to create data flows that feed the way they work. With the rich vessel and voyage  data from Dataloy’s VMS, this integration lets teams across any maritime organization tap into a common  source of truth, allowing them to optimize each decision they make while seeing the macro picture of the  entire business. As we like to say, they can Sea the Big Picture.” 

"Our goal at Dataloy is to empower customers to benefit from rapid innovation and digitisation in the  maritime sector," says Erik Fritz Loy, Founder and CEO of Dataloy Systems. "As a result, we're excited to  partner with OrbitMI to expand our eco-system and provide our customers with the benefits of our joint  innovation. By integrating vessel and voyage data from Dataloy VMS with OrbitMI's AI/machine learning  knowledge, we will be able to provide actionable insights to our customers, allowing them to enhance  their operational efficiency and decision-making." 

OrbitMI, Dataloy and SEDNA will participate in a webinar on June 17th, the second of a series sponsored  by OrbitMI and Digital Ship. This session will focus on how voyage management can be handled through  cloud hosted systems and illuminated through workflows.

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