MITAGS-PMI Instructors Present at Windstar Senior Officer Conferences


By The Maritime Executive 02-05-2019 02:30:14

MITAGS-PMI instructors and experts don't limit their teaching to the classroom. We present on a regular basis at industry symposiums, trade shows, company retreats and meetings. 

Recently, two of our instructors presented well-received training programs for Windstar Cruises at their Senior Officer Conferences held in Seattle. Training was provided over the course of two consecutive weeks, each week attended by one half of Windstar's Captains, Chief Officers, Chief Engineers and Hotel Managers.

The interactive training sessions and group projects addressed the topics of "Train the Mentor," and "Principles of Risk Management." The programs drew from existing MITAGS-PMI material and were adapted to help participants navigate Windstar's own company policies, procedures and expectations. 

If you would like one of our speakers to present at your event, contact Capt. Jon Kjaerulff at jkjaerulff@mates.org.

MTST Corporation Employees Successfully Complete Coast Guard VTS Training Program at MITAGS-PMI

Last month, MITAGS-PMI hosted several operators from Japan's Toyo Shingo Tsushinsha Corporation (TST) for a two-week US Coast Guard Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) training program in Baltimore, Maryland. This training program provided TST's operators with an immersive learning experience that included shiphandling instruction on MITAGS-PMI's full-mission bridge simulator and traffic management on our all-weather navigation (AWN) simulators. Additional topics also covered general nautical knowledge, communication coordination, and practice responding to simulated emergency situations.

"MITAGS-PMI instructors were kind, energetic and very knowledgeable. They've taught us how to go from qualified operators to quality operators," said Yasuko Nakai, one of the nine TST operators in the program. "We can now bring this knowledge back to our colleagues and help improve our services in Japan."

MITAGS-PMI offers their IALA accredited VTS training program throughout the year, but can also create a custom experience, like the program TST's employees just completed, upon request. For more information, please contact Captain Bob Becker, Director of Business Development at MITAGS-PMI, at rbecker@mitags.org.

Upcoming Courses at PMI - SEATTLE

To learn more about these courses, please click on the links below or contact Jenny Pitzen at jpitzen@mates.org

Advanced Fire Fighting March 11-14

Advanced Fire Fighting Revalidation March 25-28

Basic Training March 18-22

Basic Training Revalidation March 25-26

DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing 1-Day March 29

Medical Care Provider March 4-8

Medical Person-In-Charge March 4-15 1

Radar Renewal March 28

Rating Forming Part of a Navigational Watch March 13-15

Survival Craft / Lifeboatman March 25-28

TCNAV March 11-29

Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties March 4

Upcoming Courses at MITAGS - BALTIMORE

To learn more about these courses please click on the links below, or contact MITAGS Admissions at: admissions@mitags.org

Advanced Cargo Operations / Cargo Handling & Stowage March 18-29

Advanced Fire Fighting Refresher March 8-9

Advanced Fire Fighting Revalidation March 4

Advanced Shiphandling I March 4-8

Advanced Shiphandling I March 18-22

Advanced Shiphandling II March 11-15

Advanced Shiphandling II March 25-29

Advanced Stability March 11-15

Advanced Watchkeeping March 4-8

Basic Training Refresher March 5-7

Basic Training Revalidation March 5-6

Bridge Resource Management for Pilots March 11-12

Chief Mate Operations Course I March 18-22

Chief Mate Operations Course II Maersk Specific March 25-29

DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing 1-Day March 9

DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing 1-Day March 23

ECDIS March 25-29

Engine Resource Management March 4-8

Heavy Weather Avoidance Routing: Atlantic Ocean March 11-12

Heavy Weather Avoidance Routing: Indian Ocean March 15-16

Heavy Weather Avoidance Routing: Pacific Ocean March 13-14

Legal Aspects of Piloting Seminar March 12

Medical Care Provider March 18-22

Medical Person-In-Charge March 18-29

Medical Person-In-Charge Refresher March 11-15

Meteorology (Operational Level) March 18-22

Radar Observer Unlimited March 4-8

Radar Renewal (Night) March 6

Radar Renewal (Night) March 20


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