Metegrity and ABS Consulting Join Forces


Published Apr 14, 2021 3:47 PM by The Maritime Executive

Metegrity, an asset integrity management software solutions company, and ABSG Consulting Inc. (ABS Consulting), a worldwide operational risk management company, have formed an alliance to combine Metegrity's industry-leading Visions Enterprise and newly released Asset Integrity Process Safety Management (AIPSM) software solutions with ABS Consulting's robust history and engineering experience in asset integrity management (AIM), process safety management (PSM), and reliability. The alliance will deliver clients sustainable asset management programs that enhance compliance and optimize production assets to drive value into operations.

"A solid asset management program underpinned by high-performance software can reduce maintenance cost by up to 10% and achieve revenue gains of up to 30% by increasing asset uptime," says Ryan Moody, President of ABS Consulting. "Our record for success is reflected in our client's results and we look forward to working with Metegrity to continue driving and sustaining improved performance for our clients."

"ABS Consulting literally wrote the book on integrity and process safety," says Martin Fingerhut, CEO of Metegrity. "Combining that rich history of expertise with our Visions Enterprise and AIPSM software offers our clients a solid foundation to deploy our powerful and efficient AIM systems, giving them a clear competitive advantage."

Historically, integrity, process safety and reliability programs have been developed and implemented in silos and are difficult to cross-manage efficiently as a comprehensive asset management program. This partnership will offer clients an end-to-end asset management solution that will optimize their programs and drive meaningful results over the life of their operations, enabling clients to:

  • Establish work processes based on engineering fundamentals to improve productivity and profitability by reducing unwarranted inspections, tests and discovery events.
  • Optimize asset integrity activities with risk-based inspections to drive program efficiency by prioritizing resources and activities based on asset risks.
  • Transform asset data into decision-making information to provide management with the knowledge to make risk-informed integrity decisions.
  • Access readily available data for continuous improvement to support monitoring and timely decisions related to asset integrity, process safety and reliability performance.
  • Demonstrate regulatory and process safety compliance via one universal source of the asset integrity and reliability truth.
  • Reduce asset integrity and reliability risk impacts and the related cost of ownership to drive bottom-line results.

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