Marsoft & ClimeCo Collaborate to Accelerate Shipping Decarbonization


Published Jul 14, 2022 11:25 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Marsoft]

Marsoft Inc., the leading maritime consultancy, and ClimeCo LLC, a leader in the carbon credits market, announce a collaboration to expand the range and value of Marsoft’s GreenScreen carbon credit services (GreenScreen), removing financial barriers to the shipping industry’s commitment to achieve material CO2 emissions reductions.
Marsoft’s GreenScreen services enables Shipowners to issue Gold Standard carbon credits based on the CO2 emissions reduction they create by retrofitting their ships. Sold, these credits help overcome the hurdles that now limit investments in retrofits, reducing risks and increasing the profitability from the reduction in CO2 attributable to the retrofits.
“Carbon credits can be an important source of funding for retrofits that reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Gold Standard certification of those reductions gives owners access to the rapidly expanding voluntary carbon market. By collaborating to simplify, accelerate, and cut costs from the carbon credit verification, issuance, and monetization process Marsoft and ClimeCo will make carbon credits part of the industry-wide solution to the challenge of decarbonization,” said Arlie Sterling, President at Marsoft Inc.

Bill Flederbach, CEO and President of ClimeCo, highlighted the value of this newly formed team: “We will deliver substantial cost and time savings while enhancing value to those customers who take advantage of GreenScreen. ClimeCo is putting its 17 years of experience and unmatched carbon trading scale and expertise behind shipowners and their determination to decarbonize their business. ClimeCo’s deep carbon market expertise and relationships will maximize the value of their carbon credits.”
Erika Shiller, VP of Project Development at ClimeCo, emphasized the powerful benefits from the collaboration. “Leading shipowners have already signed up for GreenScreen and have already budgeted a million-tonne reduction in CO2 emissions over the next five years. The Marsoft/ClimeCo team will establish a high value/high liquidity presence in the carbon markets for credits from shipping. GreenScreen is proven and unique, and we are committed to making it even better by teaming with Marsoft.” 
With Marsoft’s shipping knowledge GreenScreen breakthrough technology, and ClimeCo’s carbon solution development and market reach, the shipping business will finally have the solution it needs to reduce emissions today. Together, Marsoft and ClimeCo provide a path by which ship owners can act now to reduce their CO2 emissions at minimum cost and maximum revenue potential.
Marsoft and ClimeCo have committed to offering an effective and efficient industry-level solution to the CO2 emissions reduction verification, credits issuance, and monetization challenges. The combination of ClimeCo’s environmental solutions track record and Marsoft’s breakthrough management tools for the shipping industry ensures that the shipping industry can benefit from the state-of-the-art and critical mass. Marsoft and ClimeCo have invested substantial resources and are willing to invest alongside the shipowner to reduce CO2 emissions.

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