LUKOIL Marine Lubricants launches additional Barge in Singapore


By MarEx 2016-05-04 13:50:24

With the continued success of LUKOIL Marine Lubricants and the ever growing demand upon us to supply lubricants, we have recently launched an additional supply barge named ‘LUKOIL Marine’.

With a length of 45m and a capacity of 800 dwt divided into several compartments, ‘LUKOIL Marine’ will supply a variety of products including Navigo TPEO 30/40, Navigo TPEO 40/40, Navigo 40 MCL, Navigo 100 MCL, Navigo 70 MCL and Navigo 6 SO.

‘LUKOIL Marine’ becomes the third in a fleet of barges which includes ‘Transwift’ with a capacity of 100 dwt, and ‘Marine Success’ with 350 dwt, delivering lubricants in Singapore.

The launch ceremony for ‘LUKOIL Marine’ was held on 20th January 2016 at 1-Altitude Gallery & Bar in Singapore, where an audience of over 120 key industry guests were welcomed by LUKOIL Marine’s CEO Victor Zhuravskiy to celebrate the launch. During the evening, Otsuki Noriyoshi, CEO of LUKOIL Marine’s transport partner Lee Huat Yap Kee Pte Ltd, was invited onto the stage and presented with a plaque to commemorate the partnership between both companies.

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