Lind Marine Completes Construction of Waterborne Data Center

Lind marine data center barge

Published Jul 14, 2020 9:58 PM by The Maritime Executive

Lind Marine, a Shipyard on the Mare Island Naval Complex in Vallejo, California, recently completed construction of a multi-year design-build waterborne data center project for Nautilus Data Technologies and has towed the vessel to Port of Stockton for permanent mooring.
The vessel, named “Eli M”, is a 230’L x 55’W x 15’-6”H deck barge constructed in 1969.   Lind Marine completed approximately 125 tons of structural steel repair and modification to Eli M in preparation to support its 186’L x 53’W x 30'H superstructure.    The steel superstructure is comprised of 14 individual steel modules with a total mass of approximately 700 tons supported by 6” concrete decks.

Lind Marine Shipyard’s mechanical staff installed over 3,800 linear feet of fused high density polyethylene (HDPE) and marine grade stainless steel piping infrastructure with diameters of up to 18” and associated raw water filtration, turbine pumps, heat exchangers and valves while electrical staff built and installed electrical switch gear on the Data Center. Typical raw water flow to support cooling of the data center is approximately 4,500 gallons per minute (GPM) out of Eli M’s total capacity from 8 individual pumps of approximately 12,000GPM.
Two aluminum cable trusses rated at 25,000lbs each will bring cabling infrastructure to shore services at the Port of Stockton were designed and built in-house at Lind Marine along with a 40’ forklift rated ADA gangway for personnel access.   
The Eli M data center project was a successful collaborative effort between Lind Marine and Nautilus Data Technologies staff showcasing Lind Marine’s diverse design, construction and production management capability along with the utility of its 400 foot graving dock and 137 ton railroad crane. 

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