InTank BWTS Adds to Scienco/FAST's Marine Capabilities

intank bwts ballast

Published Sep 8, 2020 8:55 PM by The Maritime Executive

Global water and marine wastewater OEM, Scienco/FAST, a subsidiary of BioMicrobics, Inc., has acquired the InTank ballast water treatment system developed in collaboration by Envirocleanse, a division of Charter Brokerage, a Berkshire Hathaway company, and Glosten, Inc., a marine consultancy.

Finalized in July and just in time to offer the InTank Ballast Water Treatment System before BWMS Code change in October, the team at Scienco/FAST is proud to offer this certified, InVoyage™ and InControl™ BWTS under its Scienco® brand to be the Scienco® InTank™. With the looming BWMS implementation date, Ship Owners have reached out with their retrofitting plans.

Since the very first installation in 1969 of its popular MarineFAST® Type II Marine Sanitation Device (MSDs) for treatment of total blackwater/greywater sources from the head(s) and galley(s) onboard ships and offshore platforms, the focus from Scienco/FAST’s team of experts in water processing and Chief Engineers is to provide “Simple, Low Cost, and Robust” advanced wastewater treatment systems for the maritime market. The USCG and IMO certified MarineFAST and BioBarrier® MarineMBR™ units provide outstanding effluent quality and starts up much faster than conventional suspended growth processes – usually in half the time! 

By offering the Scienco® InTank BWTS, Scienco/FAST will help Ship Owners and Chief Engineers take control of all environmental pollution sources and help quickly keep the vessel in compliance with better total water management. A system, like the newly-minted Scienco® InTank™, makes sense to reduce in port time for vital cargo operations and provide a fully-automated process to continuously dose till the TRO measurement is achieved for suppression of the active regrowth during the voyage rather than wasting time and effort dealing with filters, lamps, and/or any other maintenance intensive components!

The Scienco® InTank™ BWTS process ensures disinfection of ballast water tanks through the application of a targeted CT, which is the product of disinfection Concentration (in milligrams per liter, mg/L) and disinfection contact Time (in hours) measured as total residual oxidant (TRO). The system works by circulating each ballast tank, injecting disinfectant, until the target dose is reached. This is all done while the vessel is underway, thus eliminating the risk of interrupting port operations.

The InTank system uses a dispersion system developed by marine consultancy Glosten and patented by the US Geological Survey for mixing its active substance, sodium hypochlorite, in the ballast tanks. The chemical can either be produced by electrolysis or supplied as a bulk compound.

The InTank BWMS is said to treat and neutralize ballast water in the tank. This means technical compliance with the type-approval certificate is achieved before discharge, and InTank also allows the vessel to actively control any regrowth potential for as long as ballast remains in the tanks.

With an extremely reliable and versatile system, the Scienco InTank™ BWTS can use either electrically generated hypochlorite or bulk chemical as the means to provide disinfectant. Having these options allows the user flexibility to choose the system which best fits their vessel profile and have the support of our strong global service capabilities.

“The InTank BWTS provides the best confidence of regulatory compliance with the least impact to vessel operations. It is an important and unique addition to the current offerings in the marketplace,” states Bob Rebori, President of Scienco/FAST, a subsidiary of BioMicrobics, Inc. “Add all of these advantages to the fact that we are the most “life-cycle”, cost-competitive system on the market.”

The Scienco® InTank™ system is first and only guaranteed and approved system with a compact and flexible profile to treat the ballast water InVoyage™ and keeping your vessel InControl™ of your operations! 

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