Inchcape Shipping Services Launches OneCape DA: Beyond DA Management

Inchcape Shipping Services

Published Jun 3, 2024 2:05 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Inchcape Shipping Services]

Inchcape Shipping Services, a global leader in port agency and maritime services with over 177 years of maritime experience, introduces OneCape DA, an independent specialist disbursement account management solution designed to navigate the operational complexities of port calls, freeing customers to focus on their strategic priorities. Our expert team manages all aspects of disbursement accounts, ensuring clients only pay what is necessary.  We understand the maritime industry, its network, and players, ensuring disbursement savings do not come at the expense of operational success.

OneCape DA is designed to meet the evolving needs of maritime businesses. It combines specialised software that integrates with existing systems with extensive maritime expertise and broad reach to enhance value and cost efficiency and ensure accuracy, transparency, and compliance.

As a trusted partner and impartial advisor, OneCape DA is dedicated to supporting the success of our clients. We understand that each client has unique challenges and financial interests, and we provide tailored solutions that address these specific needs. This approach makes each voyage predictable and profitable, ensuring our clients feel valued and understood.

"We handle everything from local compliance to global payment management, ensuring every aspect of every port call is managed with expert precision and the utmost diligence," says Imran Vohra, VP of Hub Operations and DA Management at Inchcape. "Our ability to leverage a vast network of global resources while maintaining a deep understanding of local markets and regulations enables us to provide unparalleled service in a complex, geographically diverse industry."

Focusing on cost control, enhanced financial transparency, audit, and compliance, OneCape DA addresses the specific needs of all parties involved in handling disbursement accounts. For instance, it can optimise and improve financial operations by reducing unnecessary expenses and mitigating risks, empowering our clients to drive success and enhance their bottom line.

"At Inchcape, we are passionate about creating meaningful connections for and with our customers. We have decades of maritime experience in ports worldwide, and keeping our customers connected digitally and physically is our business,” says Svend Stenberg Mølholt, Chief Commercial Officer at Inchcape. “With OneCape DA, we are making our customers' digital connections to a complex supply chain even more integrated, taking laborious tasks of managing disbursement accounts on a global level and letting our customers focus on their core business. We do that while being their partner in finding the best solution for their port call, no matter who is servicing their needs. That keeps our customers at the centre of what we do.”

Inchcape’s commitment to partnering and enhancing its customers’ business is evident in the launch of OneCape DA. This solution promises to streamline global disbursement accounts through seamless processes that enhance operational and financial efficiency.

Ready to take your maritime financial operations to the next level? Connect with Inchcape Shipping Services today to learn more about how OneCape DA can make your maritime financial operations more predictable and profitable. 

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