IDsure Partners with SIMAC Training to Develop Groundbreaking Solution

IDsure & SIMAC

Published Dec 12, 2022 6:35 PM by The Maritime Executive

IDsure, a Danish maritime technology company, is excited to announce that they have entered a collaboration with SIMAC Training, in Svendborg, Denmark, to digitize seafarer certificates of competency.

SIMAC Training, one of Denmark's leading maritime training centers, will issue certificates via IDsure's app, which also provides a communication channel to seafarers after certification. The training center considered digitizing certificates as an obvious opportunity to reduce administrative costs, save valuable time and improve service to their customers.

Digitization will make life easier for seafarers and ensure compliance
The digitization of seafarer certificates is an important step for the maritime industry. For seafarers, digital certificates are a vast improvement over paper certificates. They are more secure and make documentation of competencies convenient, fast, and easily accessible onboard ships.

In addition, coming regulations from the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) require digital certificates to be accepted in the maritime industry.

A fruitful collaboration with global implications
The formal collaboration came about after a period of fruitful cooperation between IDsure and SIMAC, and valuable sparring with Jeppe Carstensen, SIMAC Training's Head of Training & Competences. These sessions contributed greatly to making IDsure’s technology platform ready to enter the global market. Jeppe Carstensen says, "For SIMAC Training, it is extremely important that we can constantly offer new products and solutions that optimize the entire ecosystem for our customers: seafarers and shipping companies. There are many significant new opportunities that come with digitization and issuing digital certificates through IDsure. For example, we can use the IDsure app to communicate with seafarers who have been through our courses about future competence development and training.”

Jesper Holmgren, CEO & Co-Founder of IDsure adds, "The collaboration with SIMAC Training has been crucial in the evolution of our platform. Where previously we were guided by instinct and gut feelings, we are now developing the platform based on guidance from SIMAC Training, including the vast knowledge of subject-matter expert Jeppe Carstensen. We can now deliver a tailored product to the rest of the global maritime training segment.”

The collaboration between IDsure and SIMAC Training is an excellent example of how a young tech company and an industry leader – in this case in the education sector – can play off each other's strengths. SIMAC Training is well equipped for the future by embracing new technology, and IDsure is now ready to deliver their SaaS solution to the rest of the global maritime training sector.

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