HXZA Becomes First PSC in Asia to Receive ICoCA Certification

Credit: HXZA

Published Apr 8, 2019 5:18 PM by The Maritime Executive

Following an extensive review of Hua Xin Zhong An (Beijing) Security Service’s (HXZA) systems and procedures, the International Code of Conduct Association for Private Security Service Providers’ Association (ICoCA) awarded the company full ICoCA Certification on March 21, 2019.

ICoCA Certification demonstrates real commitment to the provision of responsible security that respects human rights and humanitarian law. This recognition positions HXZA alongside 17 other best-of-breed private security companies from around the world who have also achieved ICoCA certification and solidifies the company’s status as the leading security service provider from Asia— becoming the first Asia-based ICoCA-certified private security company. 

Additionally, at the time of award, HXZA is the sole company worldwide currently certified by ICoCA for the specific service scope: Provision of Maritime Security Services in the Gulf of Aden, East Coast of Africa and the Indian Ocean. This certification goes above and beyond standard ISO/PAS 28007:2015 conformity audit, with review of additional national and international standards recognized by the ICoCA board, which verifies compliance with the International Code of Conduct itself. 

The Executive Director of ICoCA, Jamie Williamson, offered comments on this achievement saying, “We are delighted to award ICoCA Certification to HXZA. This represents an important milestone for HXZA and for ICoCA in helping raise industry standards and ensuring the responsible provision of private security. We look forward to welcoming more Chinese, Asian and maritime security companies to ICoCA and to helping them achieve Certification. As well as raising industry standards, ICoCA certification lowers risk of liability and reputational damage for clients and provides security companies themselves with a competitive edge.”

IcoCA is a multi-stakeholder initiative established as a Swiss non-profit association. The purpose of the Association is to promote, govern and oversee implementation of the International Code of Conduct and to promote the responsible provision of security services and respect for human rights and national and international law in accordance with the Code.

The Code includes a wide range of standards and principles for the responsible provision of private security services which can be broadly summarized in two categories: first, principles regarding the conduct of Member Company personnel based on international human rights and humanitarian law standards including rules on the use of force, sexual violence, human trafficking and child labor; and second, principles regarding the management and governance of Member Companies including the selection, vetting and proper training of personnel.

HXZA is a leading provider of security and risk management solutions in complex environments around the world. The company provides specialized customer-centric services to protect clients’ assets and personnel by implementing bespoke threat mitigation strategies which simultaneously simplify operations and harden security posture while reducing costs and building a responsible brand. Core services include armed maritime security, executive protection in hostile environments, K&R response, static and mobile manned guarding, risk assessment and integration of security technologies. 

Weihong Yin, HXZA’s chairman, highlights, “A positive result from ICoCA’s review of our management systems is a fitting testament to our company’s persistent integration of applicable laws and best-practice standards across all HXZA global activities. It is an industry first for companies from our region and in our unique operating environment; further cementing our market position as a truly internationalized company with a broad geographic footprint, seamlessly committed to quality assurance, compliance and human rights - from my office at our headquarters, throughout our subsidiaries, and across all worldwide operations. We approached this process with an open mind, pursued our policy development with an open heart, and are now accelerating our commercial growth with a wide-open throttle.”

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