Höegh Autoliners Prepares Crew for Green Shift with Customized Simulators

Kongsberg Digital
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Published Jun 24, 2024 11:31 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Kongsberg Digital]

Kongsberg Digital is proud to announce a significant new simulator contract with Höegh Autoliners, a premier player in the transportation and logistics sector. The agreement involves the delivery of state-of-the-art K-Sim Navigation and K-Sim Engine simulator models, specifically designed for training crew on environmentally friendly Höegh's Aurora Class vessels.

The contract underscores the two companies' commitment to support sustainability and the energy transition in the maritime sector. Höegh’s new vessels will be the largest and most environmentally friendly Pure Car and Truck Carriers ever built and will accelerate their decarbonization efforts and set a new standard for more sustainable deep-sea transportation. Kongsberg Digital will develop a customized bridge simulation model of the Aurora vessel including a new engine simulator model for crew training in future sustainable and hybrid fuel types. With this, Höegh is marking a pivotal step in training their crew to meet the stringent demands of the green shift in maritime operations.

Key Highlights of the Agreement:

  • K-Sim Navigation Simulator Model:This advanced simulator will replicate the Aurora Class vessel, enabling crew members to gain hands-on experience in navigating these innovative ships with bridge systems equipped by Kongsberg Maritime. The K-Sim Navigation simulator is renowned for its high fidelity and realistic training scenarios, providing an immersive learning environment that enhances navigational skills, and operational excellence.
  • K-Sim Engine Simulator Model with Hybrid Fuel Technology: Reflecting the latest in sustainable maritime technology, this engine simulator incorporates hybrid fuel systems for LNG and Marine Gas Oil. This will be updated to ammonia propulsion systems later and correspond with Aurora Class’ future change to ammonia gpropulsion systems. K-Sim Engine offers comprehensive training on the operational intricacies and optimization of hybrid engines, essential for reducing carbon footprints and adhering to environmental regulations.

“At Kongsberg Digital, we are dedicated to pioneering cutting-edge solutions that drive the maritime training industry forward," said Are Føllesdal Tjønn, Managing Director of Maritime Simulation, at Kongsberg Digital. "Our collaboration with Höegh Autoliners is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and innovations enabling our customers and the industry to successfully carry out energy transition. We are proud to support Höegh with simulation technology promoting the skills and knowledge needed to operate the Aurora Class vessels efficiently and sustainably supporting the company’s ambitious Net-Zero goal."

Andreas Enger, CEO of Höegh Autoliners, added, "The partnership with Kongsberg Digital is an important component of our strategy to lead the green shift in maritime transportation. By investing in advanced training solutions like the K-Sim Navigation and K-Sim Engine simulators, we are not only enhancing our crew's competencies but also reinforcing our commitment to environmental stewardship.”

The Norwegian Training Centre (NTC) in Manila, Philippines will soon receive the new Aurora Class simulation model to train Høegh’s officers and marine engineers. Established by the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association (NSA) in 1990, the center has since trained nearly 200,000 seafarers to a high standard of excellence both in the Philippines and globally.

“NTC stands at the forefront of maritime training and education in the Philippines, utilizing a range of advanced KONGSBERG simulators to provide high-quality training,” comments Jo Even Tomren, General Manager, NTC Manila, “We have a long-standing relationship with Höegh Autoliners, and are dedicated to continuing our support for Höegh by providing training for their Aurora Class vessel crew.”

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