HiLo Launches the First Informal Bulker Operators' Safety Forum


Published Jul 20, 2022 1:35 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: HiLo Maritime Risk Management ]

HiLo has created the first Informal Bulker Operators' Safety Forum (IBOSF) as a part of its ongoing mission to make the maritime industry safer. This forum will allow bulker operators to share ideas with each other, based on their own experiences, on ways to prevent incidents happening aboard their vessels in the future.

Bulk carriers are hugely important to the transportation of world commodities and have been around since the 1950s. They are responsible for carrying large quantities of commodities like coal, iron ore and grains. The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) reports there to be around 5,000 bulk carriers trading around the world today.

Unlike the major tanker operators, bulker operators have never had this kind of forum before. Bulker operators have in general struggled to get attention when it comes to safety until now. It is time to bring bulk carrier issues into focus. 

The Impact of IBOSF So Far

HiLo has so far held two very successful IBOSF sessions.

During the first session, leading bulker operators got together with HiLo to discuss key issues they had with their bulk carriers.

Many leading bulker operators also attended the second session. Here the focus was on two key issues which have put HiLo customers at risk:

The issues raised in both sessions were shared anonymously and helped provide valuable insights into how to avoid incidents aboard different bulk carrier vessels in the future.

Why HiLo?

HiLo customers provide their full internal safety data. This means that HiLo can use its flagship tool Pinpoint to identify the key issues faced by the maritime industry.

HiLo has the ability to spot trends and drive valuable discussions without the need for participants to share information about incidents within their own fleets. 

HiLo is totally independent, focused on the mission of improving maritime safety.

Future Sessions for Future Impact

HiLo’s next IBOSF session will take place in October 2022 in Greece.


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