Gulf Copper's Connector Enhances Offshore Safety


By MarEx 2015-03-19 20:17:08

Drilling contractors have continuously looked for ways to enhance safety in their operations and maintain the integrity of their offshore assets. Gulf Copper listens to its customers and works closely with them to develop safer and more efficient processes to provide maintenance and repairs while working in the harsh offshore environments.
Through these efforts Gulf Copper identified a safety issue pertaining to the restringing of the main blocks on drilling rigs. Many failures were associated with the use of “Chinese Finger Grips” and “Snakes” during the restringing process.  This led us to develop the newly patented Gulf Copper Cable Connector assembly.

This patented system provides operators a safe and reliable method to restring main block assemblies.  The system comes in several sizes to meet varied rigging needs, and Gulf Copper technicians are available to provide installation on the rig or conduct assembly classes at clients’ facilities. 

Since 1979 Gulf Copper has been providing customers with quality shipyard, marine and fabrication services while advocating the wellbeing and safety of its customers and personnel.

GC Energy Services, a division of Gulf Copper, is a DNV certified ISO 9001 service company providing offshore services for clients around the world.  In addition to structural and high pressure pipe fabrication and installation, GCES offers electrical, scaffolding, NDT, ABS certified hull gauging and environmental services.

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