Grand Bahama Shipyard Limited Enjoyed a Busy 2016

grand bahama shipyard

Published Jan 10, 2017 8:54 AM by The Maritime Executive

Grand Bahama Shipyard Limited (GBSL), the largest and most respected shipyard in the Caribbean, worked on 49 commercial vessels and 20 cruise ships throughout 2016. Scope of works included major steel fabrication and repairs, engine and technical systems overhauls, hull treatment and tank cleanings.

The yard is fortunate to have a healthy order book, with docking periods secured as far ahead as 3 years. This information is distributed via the yard’s sales directors and extensive network of world-wide agents to commercial customers. It has been proven that this approach is cost/time effective by helping our customers prepare their docking schedules and specifications to fulfill periodical classification requirements thereby reducing time out of service.

“Will certainly recommend this shipyard to colleagues.” “From the offset the customer focus, quality of service and management style were impressive and attend to the requirements of the ship. Hence the performance expectations were met and even exceeded.” Transport Desgangés, Inc. ‘M/T Laurentia Desgagnés’

GBSL segments the maritime industry to help define its business relationships. The segments used by GBSL are Container, Tug and Barge, Tanker, Off Shore and Cruise.

Container/Bulk Carrier/RoRo Segment:

VShips USA brought two bulk carriers, ‘CSL Acadian’ and ‘CSL Argosy’ to GBSL to do tank cleaning on both vessels. ‘CSL Acadian’ also received extensive pipe work.

Wihelmsen Ship Management docked two container ships in May, ‘Seaboard Atlantic’ and ‘Seaboard Patriot’. A third vessel from Wilhelmsen Ship Management, ‘Seaboard Sun,’ received extensive hull treatment work during a 26-day dry docking in June.

Harren Ship Management GmbH docked three vessels, ‘CFS Pagola’ a container ship, and two cargo vessels ‘CFS Panavera’ and ‘CFS’ Pafilla’ all in June, for general dry dock maintenance services and complete hull treatment.

Polska Zegluga Morska signed a fleet agreement for six bulk carriers to be overhauled in 2016/2017. ‘Regalica’ was among the first vessels in dry dock mid-October post Hurricane Matthew, followed by ‘Narew’ in November for similar work. General repairs will be completed on the remaining four bulk carriers beginning January 2017.

Other owner/operators of container ships, RoRo and bulk carriers included:

• Southern Ship Management Co, ‘Chacabuco’ Container ship for major hull treatment in March

• Sealift ‘Captain Spencer’, container ship received complete tank and hull treatment, complete repainting of vessel and markings.

• Thomas Schulte Ship Management ‘Bomar Reslient’ container had main engine repair in July

• Anglo-Eastern Ship Management ‘Treasure’ bulk carrier received GBSL fabricated and installed steel work.

• Vega Reederei GmbH ‘Vega Sagittarius’ container ship’s work period included the refitting of propellers and tailshafts.

• Ahrenkiel Steamship GmbH Co “Stadt Gera’ extensive month long dry dock period to container ship.

• Baleria Eurolineas Maritimas ‘Juame I’ passenger/RoRo vessel in for dd maintenance services to water, electrical power and phone systems. Complete hull in June

• Atlantica de Navegacion ‘Emprendodora’ freighter RoRo emergency docking. Work included steel work followed by complete hull treatment.

• Baleria Eurolineas Maritimas ‘Juame I’ passenger/RoRo vessel received general dry dock maintenance services and complete hull treatment in June.

• Atlantica de Navegacion ‘Emprendodora’ freighter RoRo emergency docking included steel work followed by complete hull treatment in August.

• OSM Ship Management ‘Viking Princess’ vehicle carrier in November

• Greathorse Shipping Ltd. ‘Tiger Pioneer’ bulk carrier in November

• Fleet in SA ‘Grey Shark’ RoRo cargo ship in November

• Hartmann Dry Cargo Co. ‘Frissia Lisabon’ container in November

Tug/Barge Segment:

Crowley, a long-time customer, dry docked three vessels, ‘Barge Jacksonville,’ ‘Barge 650-1,’ with tug ‘Pacific Reliance’ all in for extensive 3 week or more docking periods to provide classification work including steel work and complete hull treatment.

Sviter was supported by GBSL in dry docking three tugs in 2016, namely the ‘Svitzer Grand Bahama,’ ‘Svitzer Nassau,’ and ‘Svitzer Lucaya.’ all received general dry dock maintenance services, hull treatment and works to propulsion systems.

Smit-Lloyd Antilles ‘Smit Inesta’ barge received steel repair and complete cargo tank cleaning.

Tanker Segment:

Solvang ASA operated tankers ‘Clipper Victory’ and ‘Clipper Sirius’ both dry docked for general dry dock maintenance along with steel repairs followed by hull treatment this summer.

Transport Desganges Inc. docked two tankers ‘Espada Desganges’ in May for an extensive 23 dry dock period which included hull treatment, general dry dock maintenance services, and pipe replacement. ‘Laurentia Desgagnes’ followed in September for significant work namely hull treatment, general dry dock maintenance services, and pipe replacement during its 22-day dry dock period.

Seabulk Tankers, Inc. operated tanker ‘Seabulk Arctic’ was docked for a 20-day dry dock period where the following works were performed: general dry docking service and hull treatments with extensive pipe work and steel work were carried out throughout the vessel. This was all completed in a very short dry dock period utilizing over 564 of GBSL skilled work force.

Other notable tanker projects were:

• OSG Ship Management ‘Overseas Tampa’ for Scheduled Classification Certification Maintenance in February.

• Univan Ship Management Bomar Haumea in February.

• Coastal Shipping Ltd. ‘Travestern’ replaced 419 kg of Grade A Steel on 8 Ballast Tanks in May.

• V Ships ‘Iblea’, the third vessel this year for V Ships, replace Grade A Steel on 8 Ballast Tanks in June.

• Singapore-based Eastern Pacific Shipping’s vessel the ‘Coral Sea’ was moored at wet berth for steel repairs in 4 ballast tanks. This was among the first repairs post Hurricane Matthew in October

• Singapore-based, Executive Ship Management ‘Dreggen’ was docked for general maintenance, the installation of a ballast water treatment system, sea valve overhaul, main engine work, pipe fabrication for multiple systems, and complete hull treatment during August.

• Roswell Tankers Corp. ‘Aquila’ was docked for routine maintained and received complete hull treatment process in September.

• Chronos Shipping Co Ltd ‘Asphalt Star’ asphalt/bitumen tanker received comprehensive hull treatment along with main engine overhaul and bilge tank repairs in September.

• ST Management SAS ‘Chassiron’ attended the yard for water ballast tank steel replacement, extensive pipe work on deck and engine room systems, hull blasting and coating, extensive HFO tank cleaning, and overhaul to starboard forced draft fan motor.

• Thorme Ship Management “Iver Blessing’ in November.

Offshore Segment (3):

• Western Geco ‘Geco Diamond’ research vessel general maintenance in January.

• Jan De Nul Group ‘THSD Filippo Brunelleschi’ a trailing suction hopper dredger in November for general maintenance and starboard propeller hub and shaft seals were exchanged, and steel work.

• Subsea 7 ‘Seven Oceans’ pipe layer in December for general maintenance, steel work, upgrade work to lay system and ramp upgrades.

GBSL is known for delivering both cruise and commercial vessels on time, and often ahead of schedule. “To meet the needs of our customers, we are dedicated to continual upgrades to our yard, and our services.” Says GBSL VP Sales and Marketing, Graham Couser. “In 2016 significant investments included facility upgrades and purchasing of new machinery and tooling adding to our workshops’ capabilities. We have further expanded our facility with capital improvements to the North Beach Wharf. Plans are afoot in 2017 for additional developments and expansions to our South Beach and East Beach areas which will benefit logistics and staging for the offshore and tanker vessels.”

Our goal is to become the most respected ship repair yard in the Americas. Based on last year’s performance, it shows we’re well on our way. GBSL has the support of the shareholders, Its knowledgeable and dedicated management team supporting a highly skilled work force to ensure our success.

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