Gaslog LNG Connects Entire Fleet with Kongsberg Digital's Insight

Kongsberg Digital
Galsog connects to KDI Vessel Insight

Published Sep 14, 2022 10:20 AM by The Maritime Executive

Kongsberg Digital recently signed an agreement on the Vessel Insight infrastructure with Gaslog LNG, a leading global provider of LNG shipping services. This means the entire fleet, counting 35 vessels, will be digitized, resulting in better data collection and utilization for the company.

“We are proud and pleased to be a part of and accelerate Gaslog LNG’s digital journey. By installing Vessel Insight on their entire fleet, they will gain better control, as well as greener, and more effective operations. Making LNG shipping better and more efficient is an important step towards a the transition to a less carbon intense future,” says Christopher Bergsager, VP Growth Digital Ocean at Kongsberg Digital.

Gaslog LNG operates world wide focusing on safety and operational excellence. Connecting to Kongsberg Digital´s Vessel Insight Infrastructure ultimately provides Gaslog LNG with instant and easy access to fleet overview, vessel specific dashboards and analysis tools.

“Our goal is to limit the impact of our operations on the marine environment and minimize our emissions, while making LNG shipping reliable and profitable for our customers. We are glad to enter this contract and partnership with Kongsberg Digital to innovate and improve the efficiency of our fleet.”, says Marios Sarafidis, Energy & Decarbonization Manager.

The consistent and standardized way of collecting data through Vessel Insight enables quality reporting, empowers transparency, and allows for in-depth analysis to optimize vessel and fleet performance. All Vessel Insight customers also have access to the Kognifai Marketplace, including a large range of applications and services that can turn their data into business value.

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