Floating Dock Ereneos Enters Operation in Limassol


By The Maritime Executive 01-08-2018 06:18:02

On January 6, at Limassol, Cyprus, the floating dock Ereneos docked its first vessel, the Tidewater platform supply vessel Burch Williams.

Ereneos was built in October 2017 at Kherson State Plant “Pallada” for Cyprus-based company Multimarine Shipyards Ltd. The dock's maximum lifting capacity is 7,100 tonnes and the length of its pontoon deck is 120 meters. The dock was specially designed by the design bureau “Pallada” for service of offshore vessels.

The pontoon is made from marine reinforced concrete using sulfate-resistant Portland cement, and the wing-walls are shipbuilding steel. This combination of materials can reduce the operating costs of a dock by 2 to 2.5 times in comparison with a steel dock of equal lifting capacity.

Ereneos was the first dock built by “Pallada” under the supervision and for the class of ABS. For ABS it was also the first experience in supervision and classification of a floating dock with this combination of construction materials.

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