First Order for 6UEC45LSE-C1 Engine for Ro-Ro Vessels

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By The Maritime Executive 10-10-2017 05:48:15

Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG) has received the first order for 6UEC45LSE-C1 engine. The engine will be installed in a Ro-Ro vessel which will be built at Kanda Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
The UEC45LSE engine type has been under development since 2004 and as a result of thorough market research, it has been introduced as the best engine for Ro-Ro vessels, handy-sized bulk carriers and small-sized chemical tankers, etc.
With continuous upgrading of features reflecting customer feedback, the UEC45LSE engine has now  accumulated over 250 orders and become one of the best selling engines.
The newly ordered UEC45LSE-C1 engine has a feature with higher engine output compared to the latest engine type of UEC45LSE-B2.
Accumulated high reliability and low fuel consumption have lead the UEC45LSE to being selected as the best engine for Ro-Ro vessel which need to provide on time regular service at reduced of transportation costs.
Principal Particulars of 6UEC45LSE-C1 Engine

Cylinder bore: 450mm
Piston stroke:1,930mm
Stroke / bore: 4.29
Engine output: 8,640kW
Revolution: 128 per minute
Mean effective pressure: 22.0bar
Average piston speed: 8.2 m/s
Fuel Consumption rate: (IMO NOx Tier2, Tolerance 5%) 173 g/kWh

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