ExxonMobil Starts Deliveries of EMF.5 Fuels in ARA and Singapore

EMF.5 delivery in Singapore (ExxonMobil)

By The Maritime Executive 10-08-2019 03:07:59

ExxonMobil has commenced bunker deliveries of its EMF.5™ range of fuels in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp (ARA) as well as Singapore. These 0.50% sulphur fuels have been specifically formulated to meet the requirements of the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) 2020 sulphur cap.

EMF.5 fuels are engineered to be compatible with each other provided that handling, storage and use best practice is followed. The fuels not only meet the ISO 8217-2017 specification, they have also passed ExxonMobil’s rigorous fit-for-use assessments. This will help ensure that vessel operators can continue to operate their main engines, auxiliary engines and boilers, safely and efficiently when they switch to low sulphur fuels. Click here to learn more about ExxonMobil’s EMF.5 fuels series.

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