EPE Revolutionizes On-board disinfection with Innovative Generator


Published May 31, 2022 5:56 PM by The Maritime Executive

Environmental Protection Engineering (EPE) has launched POWERKLOR – a complete disinfection solution for ship surfaces which generates sodium hypochlorite on-demand using only salt and water.

The pioneering Greek provider of solutions for ships which safeguard the global marine environment says that POWERKLOR represents a new standard for on-site chlorine generators in terms of balancing the needs of disinfection, cost effectiveness and sustainability. The fully automatic system generates sodium hypochlorite through the electrolysis of brine to produce a chlorine-based solution on-demand to meet the exact needs of the user with minimal operational costs and maintenance requirements.

Developed to ensure crew safety, POWERKLOR removes the need to handle and store hazardous chemicals on-board while providing a sustainable and effective disinfection solution.

EPE R&D Manager, Nick Vrachatis, said: “POWERKLOR has been designed to produce a consistent concentration of high-quality, low-grade sodium hypochlorite on-demand using only salt and water. The product is ready-to-use at a concentration recommended by WHO to achieve surface disinfection within 30 seconds. POWERKLOR allows the user to economically generate the disinfectant at the desirable quantities when required, therefore eliminating the supply logistics and the need for chemical storage on-board. The control system enables automatic operation with minimal need for crew intervention.” 

The compact system also takes into consideration the premium for space on-board. Its footprint nevertheless ensures a continuous supply of hypochlorite and even includes space for excess product storage.

EPE Executive Vice President, Eleni Polychronopoulou, said: “We are delighted to offer customers a complete and sustainable disinfection solution as businesses consider how to implement smarter and greener technologies and processes.  

“Harsh chemicals used in cleaning processes can damage the environment, both on land and at sea. However, POWERKLOR optimises the use of natural resources. As well as protecting the oceans from pollution, on-demand production of chlorine means there is zero waste, which in itself contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions."

EPE is a well-established marine sector company, defining environmental protection engineering since 1977, with a proven track record and expertise in oil spill response as well as the development of new environmental technologies.

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