Element 400 New Cutting Machine From Messer Cutting Systems

Element 400 - Image courtesy of Messer
Element 400 - Image courtesy of Messer

Published Jul 12, 2021 9:55 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: Messer]

Messer Cutting Systems, a leading global manufacturer of oxyfuel, plasma, and fiberlaser thermal cutting machines, will be located in Booth A4968 at this year‘s Fabtech Expo located at McCormick
Place, in Chicago, Illinois, September 13-16, 2021. We warmly welcome you to our booth to experience thequality, precision, durability, reliability, and innovative strength of Messer Cutting Systems.

Our Applications Engineers will be running two cutting machines and demonstrating the latest in plasma bevelcutting and oxyfuel cutting techniques.

We will be displaying the new globally designed Element 400 cutting machine, the latest innovation fromMesser Cutting Systems where form follows function. Included onboard is a new controller, the Global Connect, with redesigned HMI software and integrated OmniFab compatibility. This configuration features improved real-time transparency on maintenance, downtime status, and production reports that are transmitted through the controller, via a PC, or tablet. This machine can be equipped with many flexible options like plasma bevel cutting, oxyfuel cutting, marking, and cutting tables. Come see the new Delta Skew Plasma Rotating with cutting up to +/-45 degrees, a high-acceleration drive with a C-axis ±460° rotation, for maximum production and efficiency. For more information about this new machine, please visit us at the show.

In addition, we will be showing the MetalMaster Evolution, a unitized cutting machine with a downdraft table, and the compact Bevel-R™ Rotator. This high-speed plasma beveler can cut up to +/- 45 degrees designed to save costly secondary operations to meet the demands of a modern fabrication shop.

We are excited for this year’s show because we are going to focus on a holistic approach to improving productivity through the entire workflow of the thermal cutting process. There are many pieces to the manufacturing puzzle of the cutting process and one of the pieces is production software. Our IT professionals will be demonstrating the latest OmniFab 2021 production software, with “Machine Insight”. This is a tailor-made solution for order-related production to increase efficiency. It integrates Messer engineering technology into our customer’s workflow from the office to production on the factory floor, typically used in conjunction with material handling. There will be many print and video displays showing this functionality.

Part of the manufacturing puzzle includes showing our customers the added benefit of after-sales and service support. These displays will highlight new service and new process tools and equipment, which will save our customer’s production time and money. Our solutions will come together as a final puzzle piece, making Messer Cutting Systems the complete package for thermal cutting.

MESSER CUTTING SYSTEMS offers unique equipment options including plasma/oxyfuel beveling units, markers, drills, fiber lasers, and material handling solutions. Messer has sales and service throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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