Divers Demount Rig Thrusters Without Crane

By The Maritime Executive 2017-02-27 19:42:47

During the past several weeks, a team of Subsea Global Solutions (SGS) diver / technicians were on board a dynamic positioning semisubmersible drill rig preparing the vessel for long term decommissioning.  This included the demounting and storing on deck the eight azimuthing thrusters, blanking all sea chests as well as installing permanent covers over all thruster wells for long term decommissioning. 

Since the work was done offshore, no crane barge was used, and SGS developed a buoyancy controlled lifting solution to transfer the load to the vessel’s large crane. In addition to all of the in-water work, SGS performed the inboard work as well as provided SGS owned and operated Strand Jack systems for lowering the azimuthing thrusters.

From initial planning to final reporting, SGS executes all portions of the work in between. The client feedback highlights the team’s professionalism, attention to detail and eye on safety.  “Captain __________ and myself thought you should know that Jason Campbell and his entire crew have done an outstanding job completing the removal of the thrusters on the vessel. This crew is very safety orientated and are thorough in the duties. Great job!!!” 

SGS is the clients trusted resource for global underwater services. The company owns its own strand jacks, has the trained and experienced personnel to prepare large azimuthing thrusters for underwater demounting and has successfully completed several large projects without the huge expense of crane barges or secondary crane services. 

By integrating all of the services underwater one corporate service umbrella, Subsea Global Solutions is a fully integrated Global Diving Contractor able to manage the entire schedule, cost and performance of azimuthing thruster demounting; even when the work is performed hundreds of miles offshore in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.

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