DITEL V81 Maritime VSAT Demonstrates Benefits on Containership


By The Maritime Executive 03-21-2021 12:55:00

DITEL recently completed the installation of the DITEL V81 maritime VSAT on a 1,800 TEU container vessel. The installation demonstrates the capabilities of the system and the befits for shipowner and crew.

The system's excellent signal tracking capability and stable broadband ensure the security and high communication efficiency for the vessel on its entire navigation route within the Asian region. The ship operates mainly in the waters between China and Japan.  
The DITEL V81 is an 83cm Ku-band maritime VSAT antenna, that is ideal for large vessels or platforms such as merchant ships, offshore vessels, oil and gas platforms. Its 3-axis stabilized platform and 5 patent technologies support remote control by PC and mobile, video monitoring, broadband access, video conference, VoIP service, and other network applications.

The function of DITEL V81 maritime VSAT creates significant benefits for the ship. The application of DITEL V81 ensures high stability for receiving the signal, which supports the navigational progress of the vessel. The DITEL V81 also provides a good reference and guidance for the vessel’s position. For example, when a vessel deviates from its course, the DITEL V81 can be used for effective positioning. It supports the recovery as well as reducing the potential for casualties and equipment losses.

By attaching importance to the maritime satellite VSAT system onboard, the shipowner is promoting the social and economic development of the ship and its crew. There is no doubt that DITEL V81 is a good choice for increasing the productivity of the vessel.

DITEL is committed to meeting the demands of clients by offering a full-functional maritime satellite communication system. 


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