DESMI Ocean Guard’s Ballast Water Management System Receives Approval

DESMI Ocean Guard CompactClean 1500
DESMI Ocean Guard CompactClean 1500

Published Jan 24, 2021 11:41 AM by The Maritime Executive

DESMI Ocean Guard A/S is pleased to announce that a new configuration of its well-known  CompactClean BWMS has been approved by both the US Coast Guard and the Danish Maritime  Authority. This configuration is named CompactClean Bulker and must be seen as an additional product line to the existing CompactClean product lines. It is designed for higher flowrates during de-ballast solving one of the main operational issues faced by Bulk Carriers complying with ballast water regulations.  

Some vessel types, in particular Bulk Carriers, often experience a need to be able to discharge ballast  water faster than the time they spend on ballast water uptake. This is related to the speed of  cargo loading, which is for some cargo types and ports much faster than the speed with which they  can unload cargo. The ballast water uptake and discharge speeds need to match this in order  not to become obstacles to the operation of the vessel.  

So far typical ballast water management systems have been approved with just one max flowrate,  which is the same during ballast and de-ballast operations, but now DESMI Ocean Guard introduces  a tailor-made solution. In all its simplicity, the type approved solution enables the CompactClean  system to be configured with any combination of its approved filters and UV units, and as the filter is  by-passed during de-ballast the need for higher de-ballast flowrate can be accommodated by selecting  a larger UV unit than filter.  

“A recent example of DESMI Ocean Guard being able to provide a solution to a customer that solves  this issue is for a series of Bulk Carriers. These vessels operate today with cargo loading being twice  as fast as cargo offloading. By selecting a CompactClean BWMS with a filter with max flowrate of 750  m3/h and a UV unit with max flowrate of 1500 m3/h, the vessels have been able to continue their current  operation, conducting ballast water uptake at 750 m3/h and ballast water discharge at 1500 m3/h”,  explains Rasmus Folsø, CEO of DESMI Ocean Guard. He continues: “It may sound simple, but such  solutions can make a world of difference for the customer, and therefore, we are ready to go the extra  mile to ensure that this is fully approved. And with the issuance of an updated USCG Type Approval  on January 5th 2021, this CompactClean solution is now approved globally”.  

By this added offering, DESMI Ocean Guard strengthens its market leading position, which during 2020  was further cemented with the highest order intake recorded in a year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic  which did postpone a large number of BWMS retrofit projects. The first weeks of 2021 have started  well with several significant orders and frame agreements, and DESMI Ocean Guard remains confident  that 2021 will present another year with increasing market shares and new records in order intake and  turnover. 

DESMI Ocean Guard A/S develops and markets ballast water management systems for the removal  of living organisms from ships' ballast water. DESMI Ocean Guard is wholly owned by DESMI A/S, and  its head office is located in Nørresundby, Denmark. DESMI has more than 185 years of history, and  today the DESMI Group has production, distribution centres and sales companies around the world,  and a product portfolio that includes pumps, oil spill response solutions, envirocare solutions, pumping  solutions for defence applications, energy saving systems, automation, and ballast water management  systems, all supported by a global aftersales service setup. 

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