ClassNK Certifies NYK Cyber Security Management System

Credit: ClassNK

By The Maritime Executive 12-16-2019 09:06:49

Leading Classification Society ClassNK certified the Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) of NYK Group subsidiary NYK LNG Shipmanagement Ltd. and its managed LNG carrier Pacific Mimosa. This is the first CSMS certified by the Society.
ClassNK released its “Cyber Security Management System for Ships” in March 2019 which provides guidance on ensuring, implementing, maintaining, and continuously improving the cyber security management system of companies and ships with the goal of safe navigation. It includes management measures regarding protection against cyber risks in not only the navigation stage, but also in the construction/design stage of ships.
The CSMS certification inspection confirms information about the CSMS developed for both the company and the ship, and assesses cyber security policies, risk assessment, and more in line with the standards established by the Society. In this specific inspection, the CSMS of NYK LNG Shipmanagement Ltd. and Pacific Mimosa were confirmed to be in line with ClassNK’s standards, allowing for the Society to issue certification.
ClassNK will continue to provide cyber security services that address the expanding needs of clients and promote safe ship navigation.

Pictured above: First row from left,

Hidetoshi Maruyama, Senior Managing Corporate Officer and CIO, NYK Line
Atsuo Kuwabara Ltd., President, NYK LNG Shipmanagement Ltd.
Koichi Fujiwara, President & CEO, ClassNK
Capt. Tomoyuki Koyama, Managing Corporate Officer, NYK Line

Second row from left,

Kazumasa Okazaki, Corporate Officer, NYK Line
Hiroaki Sakashita, Senior Executive Vice President, ClassNK
Hideki Suzuki, Corporate Officer, NYK Line
Hirofumi Takano, Senior Corporate Officer, ClassNK
Dr. Toshiro Arima, Corporate Officer, ClassNK
Capt. Naoki Saito, Maritime Education & Training Certification Team General Manager, ClassNK
Capt. Hisaya Higuchi, Marine Group General Manager, NYK Line

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