Celebrity Infinity in Thessaloniki

ThPA S.A. - Port of Thessaloniki
Photo of the event

Published Mar 11, 2024 9:36 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: ThPA S.A. - Port of Thessaloniki]

Today, for the fourth time this year, the cruise ship "Celebrity Infinity" of Celebrity Cruises is hosted at the port of Thessaloniki, travelling with over 1,600 passengers, most of whom are British, Americans and Canadians. The continuous upgrading of ThPA S.A.’s infrastructure and services solidifies the trust of companies like Celebrity Cruises, which has scheduled a total of 20 calls to Thessaloniki in 2024, compared to 6 in 2023 (+ 230%). Seven of the cruise ship's total arrivals in Thessaloniki from February to April, like today's, include an overnight stay and a 28-hour stay in the city, allowing passengers and crew to explore its rich culture, gastronomy and vibrant nightlife, as well as the great architectural, archaeological and historical sites of the city and the wider region.

As part of today's stay of the ship in the port, a symbolic event was organized with the participation of representatives of local and national cruise stakeholders collaborating for the further promotion of the destination's unique experiences and unparalleled hospitality. During the event, participants were given a tour of the ship and were informed about the services and options provided by Celebrity Cruises. At the same time, the company's representative commented on the readiness and efficiency that the Port of Thessaloniki demonstrates to the specific needs of each ship and discussions revolved around joint initiatives and actions aimed to promote Thessaloniki as an ideal cruise destination, thus fostering the socioeconomic growth of the city and the broader region of Northern Greece.

The Deputy Minister of Interior for Macedonia - Thrace, Stathis Konstantinidis, stated that “With 18 monuments inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and over 30 museums, archeological sites and other attractions, including but not limited to, the Archaeological Site and the Polycentric Museum of Aigai, the Archaeological Site of Dion and Mount Olympus, Thessaloniki and the broader region offer, today, unique travel experiences to visitors. This year's cruise season started earlier than ever before, on February 3rd , and for 2024, according to the schedule, approximately 80 arrivals are expected, confirming the dynamic growth of cruise in the destination and allowing us all to share our rich heritage with visitors from all over the world.”

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